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Compostable packaging film adopted by fair trade tea company

Compostable packaging film adopted by fair trade tea company, Innovia Films, Les Jardins de Gaia, Soltau, Asia packaging
French company Les Jardins de Gaïa is packing its range of organic teas in individual sachets made from compostable cellulose-based packaging material.

Founded in 1994, Les Jardins de Gaïa is a Fair Trade, organic tea company based near Strasbourg. As part of their philosophy of selling natural organic products, they wanted to wrap their tea in natural packaging. Hence, they looked to Innovia Films and its compostable cellulose-based material, NatureFlex NVR.

The converter in this application is leading German tea packer TPS from Soltau. Colourful designs distinguish Les Jardins de Gaïa teas from other tea packaging designs on the market.

Jean Baptiste Dubois, Marketing of Les Jardins de Gaïa, said, “We wanted to keep our product safe and in premium condition and do something that would stand out from the crowd. NatureFlex films ensure we are proud of our packaging!”

“We were delighted to assist Les Jardins de Gaïa via TPS from Soltau, Germany in realising their sustainability goals,” said Neil Banerjee, Market Developer, Innovia Films. “Alongside the environmental benefits, NatureFlex films also offer a host of advantages for packing and converting such as inherent dead fold and anti-static properties, high gloss and resistance to grease and oil, good barrier to gases, aromas and mineral oils, a wide heat-seal range and easy opening.”

NatureFlex was an obvious choice in this application as the film begins life as a natural product – wood - and breaks down at the end of its lifecycle in a home compost bin (or industrial compost environment) within a matter of weeks. Innovia Films says that the packaging material is also confirmed as suitable for emerging 'waste to energy' techniques such as anaerobic digestion.


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