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Raising the bar with compostable packaging film

Raising the bar with compostable packaging film, Fuel for Adventure Ltd, Innovia Films, packaging, Asia
UK -
A British firm, that helps fuel Olympians, adventurers and sports stars from across the world, has chosen Innovia Films’ compostable flexible material, NatureFlex, as the packaging for its range of natural energy bars to compensate for its business footprint.

Based in Wiltshire, UK, Fuel For Adventure Ltd produces Mule Bars and was founded in 2002 by Jimmy Docherty and Alex Smith. They decided to make not only tasty nutritional high energy products, but ones which use only natural ingredients.

NatureFlex was an obvious choice for the packaging as the film begins life as a natural product – wood and breaks down in a home compost bin (or industrial compost environment) within a matter of weeks – yet also offers advantages for packing and converting such as inherent deadfold and anti-static properties, high gloss and transparency, resistance to grease and oil, good barrier to gases, aromas and mineral oils and a wide heat-seal range.

In this application, NatureFlex NK film is converted by Mercury Packaging UK.

Outlining why Mule Bar selected NatureFlex, Jimmy explained, “The major reason we chose products offered by Innovia Films is because we actively aim to compensate for our business and personal footprint. Compostable NatureFlex films can help us to reduce our impact on the environment and at the same time keep Mule Bars in premium condition.”

NatureFlex films are certified to meet the American ASTM D6400, European EN13432 and Australian AS4736 standards for compostable packaging. The wood-pulp is sourced from managed plantations. The renewable biobased content of NatureFlex™ films is typically 95% by weight of material according to ASTM D6866.

“Innovia Films compostable packaging helps to meet Mule Bars customers' needs and their own sustainability goals without compromising on shelf life and seal performance requirements,” commented Clare McKeown, Market Manager, Innovia Films.



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