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Rigid food-safe packaging made from 100% recycled plastic

Rigid food-safe packaging made from 100% recycled plastic, Invicta Group, packaging, Asia, UK
UK -
Injection moulder Invicta Group claims to have created the world's first rigid, food-safe products made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, lids and milk cartons.

The fruit of four years' research and "millions of pounds" of investment, the Leicester-based company has developed two new processes - 'rPETable' and 'rNEWable' – after trialling and testing hundreds of recycled materials sourced in the UK, Europe and the US.

Invicta's chief executive, the Countess of Onslow, said, "It is our mission to work with major brands to spread the word, help protect the world's natural resources, save our customers and the consumer money and reduce carbon footprints - in many cases by one simple switch: swapping virgin polymers for one of a wide choice of high quality recycled plastics including rPET and rHDPE."

Lady Onslow said her firm was looking for "like-minded partners" to develop the technology, while Invicta client Coca-Cola had been among the first brands to test the new products.

She revealed that Coca-Cola Enterprises, packaging group Greenpac and retail giant Asda were working with Invicta to "explore the potential of these processes for point-of-sale products and merchandise.”

"Our discoveries mean we will now always consider using high quality recycled plastics before virgin polymers for a very wide range of product manufacturing. In our sector recycled plastics has been very rarely considered as a first choice," added Lady Onslow.



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