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World’s lightest plastic milk bottle

World’s lightest plastic milk bottle, Nampak Plastics, packaging, Asia, UK
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Nampak Plastics has created what it claims is the world’s lightest ever four-pint (2.273 litres) high density polyethylene bottle.

Weighing in at just 32g, the HDPE bottle – which is currently undergoing trials with a number of Nampak’s customers – represents a 20% material saving on the standard four-pint version found in most supermarkets today, which weighs about 40g.

The breakthrough is the latest incarnation of Nampak’s Infini bottle, which was the lightest and strongest bottle in the market when it first launched in 2012. Further innovation from Nampak’s design and engineering team meant that new achievements were possible due to Infini’s unique design characteristics and its ability to be light-weighted easily

Estimates from the UK plastic milk bottle producer indicate that a move towards the 32g bottle could herald significant environmental improvements for the wider milk sector.World’s lightest plastic milk bottle, Nampak Plastics, packaging, Asia, UK

If the company moves its entire annual output of two billion bottles to the new lighter Infini, 15,000 tonnes of resin would be saved each year. But more importantly, if lighter Infini becomes the bottle of choice, it would reduce the overall amount of resin used in UK milk packaging by 30,000 tonnes – a 25% saving.

Eric Collins, Managing Director of Nampak Plastics, said, “Since its launch in 2012, Infini has been responsible for a paradigm shift in milk packaging, using considerably less material and more recycled plastic than has ever been achieved before. Feedback on Infini from milk processors and retailers has been extremely positive – and we know from extensive research that consumers also prefer the design to the standard bottle.

“However, at Nampak we’re always aiming to push innovation boundaries and our environmental leadership credentials as far as possible. With this in mind, we believe that we’ve reached a new pinnacle with the creation of a 32g four-pint Infini bottle.

“With HDPE lightweight savings of 20% on the industry’s current bottle, it’s greener and more affordable, and performs extremely well in all aspects of the dairy supply chain.”



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