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New recycled packaging for organic hair products

New recycled packaging for organic hair products, Spectra Packaging, Herb UK, packaging, Asia
UK –
In line with Herb UK’s environmental market positioning, Spectra Packaging recently created new recycled packaging for the brand owner’s Organic Hair Colour Systems products.

Herb UK’s range of organic hair products offer natural colouring that minimises the necessity for harsh and damaging chemical additives such as ammonia, products, which are particularly popular with a number of leading UK and US salons.

The company’s “Naturally better” market positioning has now been further enhanced by the use of PCR (post consumer recycled) in their new PET 150ml and 50ml packs, with Spectra initiating the use of recycled materials to reinforce the product’s organic credentials.

Gary Allard, Field Sales Representative at Spectra, said, "Herb UK are serious about their environmental ethos. Therefore, our aim was to ensure their new packs reflected this, which is why our PCR materials fit the bill perfectly. PCR adds genuine value to brands seeking an environmentally responsible plastic packaging alternative”.

Spectra’s PCR is an ideal alternative to materials that would otherwise be disposed in landfill sites. Sourced from the UK and Europe. Spectra’s PCR products are available to run in a variety of levels from 25% right up to 100% and meet stringent European food contact regulations, offering reassurance and peace of mind for customers looking to take the recycled route.

Gary continued, “We're finding that PCR is becoming more and more popular with a diverse range of brands we work with. Using recycled materials in their packaging can add genuine value to their product offerings, helping them reinforce their natural, environmental market positioning. This was certainly the case with Herb UK's new packs".



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