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Sustainable paper-based pods for coffee

Sustainable paper-based pods for coffee, Malongo, Korsnas, Walki, Multivac
Malongo has launched the very first coffee pod packaging on the market that is entirely recyclable and degradable.

With high ethical standards and environmental awareness as cornerstones of Malongo’s business philosophy, the Spanish coffee brand owner wanted to source for a solution that embraces these ideologies while delivering quality coffee.

“Coffee is an extremely sensitive product, and in order to create that perfect cup the product needs to be protected to keep the aromas in and any contamination out,” says Olivier Lamouche, Purchasing Manager at Malongo.

“We began working closely with our long-standing partner Korsnäs to come up with a solution that would satisfy our strict demands in terms of protecting both the coffee and the environment.”Sustainable paper-based pods for coffee, Malongo, Korsnas, Walki, Multivac

Korsnas supplied the white kraft paper made from 100% virgin fibre – Korsnas Wave – and Korsnas White cartonboard. Korsnas Wave is a strong material with a special wavy surface texture and is highly elastic and extremely formable, making it suitable for moulding into pods. Made at the Korsnas mill in Gavie, Sweden, the material is most commonly used for upmarket shopping bags and gift packs, but is also approved for direct contact with food

“The coffee market is constantly getting more and more sophisticated in terms of taste, consumer demands and appliances,” says Christophe Delrive, End-User Manager Korsnäs. “As consumption grows, waste can become an issue that must be addressed. With the introduction of Malongo’s new pods and capsules, plastic waste is a thing of the past.

The new pods are degradable and thus totally harmless when discarded.”

Walki Group Oy is the converter and developer of the barrier, while a Multivac machine was used in the production of the coffee pods.



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