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GreenBottle set to take wine sector by storm

GreenBottle set to take wine sector by storm, GreenBottle, packaging, Asia, UK
UK –
Packaging inventor Martin Myerscough has now extended his well-received GreenBottle paper bottle concept, made from post consumer recycled paper waste, to the wine sector.

Purists and connoisseurs of fine wine firmly wedded to decanting their wine from its usual container look away now. Unsettling enough that cork has largely been replaced by the screw-cap, there’s now a distinct possibility that post-consumer recycled paper waste might replace glass as the bottle itself.

Having already taken on the ubiquitous HDPE milk bottle with a paper-based alternative earlier this year – for which UK retailer Asda has recently reported its 100,000th bottle sold, with post-usage research indicating that 80% of consumers prefer it over plastic bottles, and instantly understand the environmental benefits it brings – packaging inventor and Martin Myerscough has now extended his GreenBottle concept to the wine sector.GreenBottle set to take wine sector by storm, GreenBottle, packaging, Asia, UK

The 75cl bottle is made of 1mm thickness recycled paper by a patented moulding process and incorporates the same EVOH PE liner as a wine-box and a conventional screw-cap. The net weight of 55gm - compared against a glass bottle which can be as much as 500gm – will have a beneficial impact on transport costs. Meanwhile, the manufacturing process uses 10% of the energy required for glass, and incurs four times less carbon footprint than PET.

“We’ve had a lot of interest from supermarkets and wine producers so we could see the wine GreenBottle on shelves as early as next year,” says Myerscough. “Obviously I don’t expect the whole market to convert, but it should do well in the ‘buy and drink’ segment where it’s less bulky than the 1.5ltr wine-box but will preserve the contents for the same length of time.

“We’ve conducted six months of trials with a major bottler to prove that the GreenBottle can go down existing filling lines, so wine imported in bulk could be an obvious target.”

It is already attracting worldwide interest in the drinks and also the detergents industries and GreenBottle expects to begin moving into these categories, including those in overseas markets.

In the meantime, whilst full commercialisation is still a way off the UK-based company, its concept is picking up plenty of prizes including the small innovative companies category at this year’s prestigious ‘Rethink’ awards for sustainable development held annually in Evian (France), where it was judged by a panel of environmental experts to have developed one of the best new ways to respond to global warming and depletion of natural resources.

Even more recently the GreenBottle team has been nominated for Most Sustainable Small Business in the International Green Awards: the leading global platform for sustainability intelligence, leadership and innovation.




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