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Turning plastic waste from the sea into soap packaging

Turning plastic waste from the sea into soap packaging, Method, packaging, Asia, US
US –
Soap maker Method plans to launch a new soap bottle made partially from plastic trash recovered from the beaches of Hawaii.

As part of Method’s scheme to transform marine litter collected from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch into packaging, the US company’s employees together with volunteers from Sustainable Coastline and Kokua Hawaii Foundation swept the shores of Hawaii in July, picking up more than 3,000 pounds of washed out plastic.

Method now plans to debut a biodegradable 2-in-1 dish and hand cleaner in November, packed in bottles made from the plastic waste collected in Hawaii.

As with all other Method bottles, this special-edition “Sea Minerals”-scented soap bottle will be entirely made from post-consumer recycled plastic, the difference for this particular product being that 10% of the waste used will come from that collected in Hawaii.

According to the private company, the bottle will be grey in color – the unadulterated color of ground-up, recycled plastic - and have a texture akin to a sea urchin.

Adam Lowry, one of the founders of Method, explained, “This will help raise awareness that the real solution to plastic pollution lies in reusing and recycling the plastic that’s already on the planet.”


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