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Stand-up pouch for wine and cocktails lowers carbon footprint

Stand-up pouch lowers carbon footprint for wine and cocktails, Smurfit Kappa, packaging, Asia, UK
UK –
Offering greater portability and a carbon footprint 80% lower than glass packaging, the new range of eco-friendly easy to pour, 1.5 to 3 litre pouches from Smurfit Kappa continues to grow in the wine market.

Pouch-up is a lighter alternative to glass with exceptional shelf stand-out, and a unique shape and finish designed to capitalise on retailers’ prediction of strong sales increase of wines in cans and pouches.

The lightweight, free-standing beverage pouch has a 100% printed surface for branding, a dispensing Vitop tap that extends the life of drinks after opening and a carbon footprint of just 20% of a traditional glass container.

The innovative Pouch-Up does not require a secondary outer box and improves logistics by increasing the volume of liquid a delivery vehicle can carry and due to a reduction of raw material only 35g for 1.5 litre pack, there is significant transport and storage efficiency resulting in an improved supply chain. With a traditional glass bottle making up 29.6% of the weight of a litre of wine, Pouch-Up weighs in at just 2.3% of its filled weight, delivering a significant improvement in carbon footprint.Stand-up pouch lowers carbon footprint for wine and cocktails, Smurfit Kappa, packaging, Asia, UK

The new environmentally friendly Pouchup is easy-to-pour with its ultra-light, go-anywhere design, is lightweight to carry, easy to re-seal and is perfect for any occasion – at home or for outdoor gatherings including events, festivals and barbecues.

As well as being ideal for the wine market, Smurfit Kappa has developed the Pouch-Up for further applications such as cocktails and fresh fruit juices.

Kevin Heath, Sales Director, Smurfit Kappa Bag in Box, Ireland and UK explains, “This new 1.5 litre Pouch-up is already in use at leading UK wine packers, Broadland Wineries, who have taken delivery of a semi-auto filler at their Cawston, Norfolk wine filling facility.

“We believe Pouch-up is the shape of things to come, transforming the look of the wine shelves and aisles, delivering a lighter take anywhere pack with an 80% lower carbon footprint than glass packaging and which is already well established with leading retailers, including ASDA, who are launching four own label wine pouches priced at £9.”


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