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RTD tea products shift from glass to PET packaging

RTD tea products shift from glass to PET packaging, PepsiCo, Pure Leaf Ice Tea, packaging, Asia
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Pepsi’s Pure Leaf Ice Tea recently shifted from glass to plastic packaging for its ready-to-drink tea products, gaining increased recyclability and cost savings while providing consumers with greater convenience.

According to the brand owner, the shift to the new PET square-shaped bottles – available in 18.5oz single-serve bottles and a 59oz multi-serve carafe - was decided upon based on the belief that the new packaging is the best fit for the brand and its consumers.

"Pure Leaf is transitioning from glass to PET in order to provide the consumer with an unbreakable, consumer preferred package format for releasing their new square bottles made of PET plastic," said a company spokesperson.

"Pure Leaf wanted packaging that was recyclable as well as consumer-friendly for on-the-go and out-of-home occasions."

An additional benefit for Pure Leaf was higher pallet efficiency because of the way the new square bottles fit together. Besides packing more units per load, the PET bottles also lightened the loads and lowered fuel use for transportation.

According to Pure Lead, cube efficiency on pallets and trucks has now increased by 22%, reducing the number of trucks needed for distribution.

Consumer response to the packaging format change has been positive, said the company spokesperson: "We have been very vocal in communicating why we switched to PET plastic, and the benefits of doing so. We hope our consumers recognize that, and do their part to help by recycling the bottles."

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