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New plant-based packaging film extends fresh produce’s shelf life

New packaging film extends fresh produce’s shelf life, EVAP, Tesco, Asda, packaging
UK -
British scientists have developed a revolutionary packaging film that keeps fruits and vegetables fresh, slowing down decay and extending their expiration dates.

The new packaging film - EVAP – was developed by the Yorkshire based company of the same name. Made from plant extracts, the biodegradable and 100% compostable film contains natural UV filters which helps in reducing the effects of light in breaking down the produce in the pack.

The film works by releasing the gases which cause the produce to ripen and later on, decay. The development of mould is prevented through the release of these gases.

EVAP was first trialled with strawberries and raspberries; comparisons with conventionally wrapped fruit indicated that conventional packaging developed mould faster than those in EVAP.

British retailers Asda and Tesco will be the first to commercially use EVAP for the packaging of Jersey potatoes. Both retailers are already looking at other produce that can packed in EVAP.



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