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The 100% recycled food waste bag

The 100% recycled food waste bag, Cascades, packaging, Asia, Canada
Cascades is launching a food waste bag made of 100% recycled fibres that are compostable – providing a good alternative to non-biodegradable plastic bags.

Manufactured in Canada by local recycled fibre packaging and tissue products manufacturer Cascades, the food waste bag consists of a double layer to prevent leakage. Not only are the bags compostable (according to ASTM The 100% recycled food waste bag, Cascades, packaging, Asia, CanadaD6400 and ASTM D6868), they are also EcoLogo-certified.

Since its beginnings in 1964, Cascades has been committed to the transformation of recycled materials as a means of waste reduction. The food waste bag was created to promote composting and encourage people to adopt this sustainable practice.

This is in line with the company’s belief that composting is a practise that, in addition to recycling, allows us to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

“If every family in a small city of 10,000 homes used two 100% recycled food waste bags, rather than bags made of virgin fibers, every week for a year, the cutting of more than 660 trees, about the size of two football fields, would be avoided,” said Cascades.

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