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Cheese snacks switch to renewable plant-based packaging

Cheese snacks switch to renewable plant-based packaging, Clear Lam Packaging Inc, Lactalis American Group Inc, Natureworks, Ingeo
Achieving what it claims to be a first for the US snack cheese market, Clear Lam Packaging Inc has developed new, renewable, plant-based plastic packaging for Lactalis American Group Inc’s Precious Sticksters brands varieties.

The renewable Precious Sticksters package, which holds individually sealed cheese sticks, is made from a lamination of plant-based, renewable plastic and an outer layer made from traditional petroleum-based plastic.

According to Clear Lam, this new material, which is 50% plant-based, generates up to 35.2% fewer greenhouse gases and uses up to 36.8% less energy than the conventional petroleum-based materials it replaces.

Clear Lam produces the proprietary bio-based layer used in the film from pellets and additives, then the finished film is shipped to a Lactalis production facility where its Precious Sticksters products are packaged on horizontal form, fill and seal machines.Cheese snacks switch to renewable plant-based packaging, Clear Lam Packaging Inc, Lactalis American Group Inc, Natureworks, Ingeo 

The finished bags perform well under typical distribution conditions and meet all FDA requirements for food use. Lactalis’s essential requirement for high-speed sealing has also been met.

Wanting to make a packaging change as part of its corporate sustainability commitment, it was very important to Lactalis that the finished materials had a lower carbon footprint and used less energy without losing production efficiencies or impacting product performance.

“We achieved that and more with this new packaging,” said Frederick Bouisset, President and CEO of Lactalis American Group, Inc. “We believe that by adopting this new packaging, we are promoting a better future by reducing our energy consumption and environmental impact — a long-term goal to which we are fully committed.” 

Clear Lam’s renewable packaging materials are produced from plant-based bioplastics derived from Natureworks Ingeo PLA (polylactic acid) along with ingredients that enhance performance. These materials are part of the Clear Lam’s Project EarthClear program and replace petroleum-based plastics with biobased ingredients developed to reduce the introduction of fossil carbon into the atmosphere. 


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