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Mark Andy introduces new economical press with high automation and flexibility

Mark Andy introduces new economical press with high automation and flexibility, Mark Andy, Performance Series 4, P4 model, Asia packaging
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Mark Andy Inc has released a new Performance Series model that offers profit-driven productivity and automation while adapting to virtually all plate tooling.

The Performance Series P4 from Mark Andy is an economical model designed with economy and automation in mind, and is well positioned to replace existing mechanical presses still being used today, allowing printers and converters to remain competitive and modernize their operations.

Featuring the key Performance Series attributes including load-and-lock inking system and extremely fast set up and changeover times that improve productivity by 60%, the new P4 is servo-driven, resulting in enhanced automation and precision.

At the same time, the P4 is extremely flexible. Converters can configure a P4 with the advanced P Series style plate tooling, or select a configuration which accepts existing or traditional style plate cylinder tooling, promoting use of current tooling inventories and minimizing investment costs.

This latest P Series model also features a rail system, onto which moveable inter-station processes like cold foil, lamination, screen, turnbar, etc. can be mounted and moved from station to station easily, giving more flexibility in job capability.

Additional benefits of the new P4 include improved print and registration management; higher productivity with faster set up, changeovers and running speed; broader application and substrate capabilities; and a completely upgradeable, modular design.


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