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New UV flexo inks suitable for food labels and short run packaging applications

New UV flexo inks suitable for food labels and short run packaging applications, Flint Group, Asia packaging, package printing, packaging printing
To meet new demands from industry, Flint Group has introduced a new range of UV flexo inks tailored for food labels and short run packaging applications.

Guillaume Clement - Vice President Global Narrow Web for Flint Group, commented on the global launch of Flexocure ANCORA 50 – low migration UV flexo inks for food labels and certain flexible packaging applications: “Flexocure ANCORA 50 meets some specific packaging applications where low migration inks are required. With this new product introduction, we are expanding our portfolio of dedicated inks to suit the growing world of short run label and packaging applications. This ink series is specially designed to support converters who print labels for the food segment.”

According to Dr Patrick Gavelin, Director of Product Development EMEA & Asia, the product is fully compliant to Swiss Ordinance SR 817.023.21 listing and to the Nestlé Guidance Note on Packaging inks: “Flexocure ANCORA 50 has been developed to meet the modern demands of our industry today without jeopardising legislation in place for food safety.

“But, in all regulations it has not been totally clear on what end use the so called ‘low migration technology’ can be used.  Nor was it necessary to specify this. With Flexocure ANCORA 50 this becomes very clear.

“By developing a product that meets 10 ppb migration demands using the food simulants noted, we actually cover a wide area of food and drink labels and packaging applications,” Dr Gavelin added.

“Of course, other factors, such as print design, packaging material used, and also the packed food storage conditions, all have an impact on determining the final packaging’s suitability for respective applications. But, with Flexocure ANCORA 50, we can provide a product that enables printers to comply fully and meet the demands of the industry.”

Not only does this new UV flexo ink range fulfill migration demands, the company says it used its research competencies in ensuring press performance remains unrivaled – with the highest possible cure response, high colour strength, very good adhesion to a wide range of both flexible packaging, filmic, and paper label materials. 

Par Olsson, Product Manager Narrow Web EMEA, said, “With the superb overall performance of Flexocure ANCORA 50, this will be a massive productivity boost for any narrow and mid web converter.”

To support the global launch of Flexocure ANCORA 50, Flint Group also announces that a comprehensive investment plan has been completed to ensure an increased production capacity with full GMP systems in place.

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