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New sheetfed offset press with improved kit and more automation

New sheetfed offset press with improved kit and more automation, KBA, Asia packaging, Germany packaging, packaging printing
KBA has introduced a new sheetfed offset press in medium format which delivers a slightly higher level of performance in terms of production.

With a larger standard sheet format of 740 x 1,050mm, shorter makeready times thanks to more automation and a new, intuitive operating concept, the new Rapida 105 PRO offers more equipment flexibility and greater scope for customisation.

“Demands placed on printing companies in terms of technology have changed in recent years,” said KBA. “Labour costs have risen around the world. The market for printed products is becoming smaller and competition tougher. Standard features which were satisfactory in the past are often no longer sufficient. This is why KBA has redefined the usual industry standards in medium format with the new Rapida 105 PRO.”

Fast and automated job change

One of the Rapida 105 PRO’s key features is its full preset capabilities from the feeder, through the printing units to the delivery. All of the settings at the feeder and delivery can be stored according to job type. When it comes to repeat jobs or orders printed on the same substrate the settings can be used for presetting the Rapida 105 PRO, saving time and waste.

The new press’ high level of automation can also be seen in other places: automated systems for plate changing are available, such as semi-automatic plate change (change in every printing unit at the touch of a button) and automatic plate change (fully automatic change in all units in 2.8 minutes). The Rapida 105 PRO scores points when washing with the CleanTronic washing system for blankets, impression cylinders and rollers. 

The EasyClean ink duct’s non-stick coating greatly shortens cleaning times when changing inks. In addition, the ink ducts also do not have any expendable parts which need to be replaced frequently. As it is not equipped with a film liner, deviations when setting to zero are prevented and ensures that the ink zone settings can be reproduced precisely.

The new press is equipped with Rapida inking units known for their fast response times and minimal start-up waste. This is in addition to the ability to uncouple inking units which are not currently being used, a feature greatly valued by many Rapida users. The Rapida 105 PRO also only runs those units needed, saving energy, washing times and washing agents as well as extending the service life of inking rollers.

More equipment flexibility

The Rapida 105 PRO is available with up to 10 printing units, perfecting as well as single and multiple coating applications and it can be configured for individual production requirements.
Notwithstanding the benefits for commercial printing, it is equipped with a raft of interesting features suited to packaging printing. 

Along with possible kit for nearly all of the conventional types of coating available today, further features include an outstanding coating unit function valued by packaging printers when changing coating plates, setting the register at the console and the coater and when automatically cleaning the coating circuit or the hydro-pneumatic adjustable doctor-blade chamber. This is in addition to the option of non-stop systems in the feeder and delivery up to the integration in fully automated pile logistics.

Special packages for special applications

New sheetfed offset press with improved kit and more automation, KBA, Asia packaging, Germany packaging, packaging printing

Microflute, film and lightweight paper packages or kit for in-mould film are available for special applications. The Rapida 105 PRO covers the entire substrate spectrum as it is able to handle

thicknesses ranging from 0.04mm to 1.6mm. Moreover, its gripper systems do not need adjusting even when making extreme substrate changes which is an invaluable advantage considering the level of flexibility demanded by the market. Further special Components, such as a reel-to-sheet unit, perforation and numbering unit, iris printing device or the KBA ColdFoiler, make the Rapida 105 PRO an extremely flexible, universal machine.

The press’ maximum sheet format that has been extended by 20mm to 740 x 1,050mm benefits packaging and label printers in particular. In many cases an extra row of blanks can fit onto the sheet with the special formats 750 x 1,050 and 780 x 1,050mm. The “small measuring strips” option increases the practical usage of the printed format further.

New, intuitive operating concept

A new, intuitive operating concept makes operating the Rapida 105 PRO even easier for printers. All of the press’ functions can be controlled via touchscreen with a maximum of two touches of a button. The Rapida 105 PRO’s ErgoTronic console no longer features a data entry keyboard. User-friendly icons allow operators to easily change systems and familiarize themselves with this new press.

The new JobAccess programme facilitates savings in makeready times of up to 50 per cent and new tools for setting up ink profiles reduce start-up waste. A job list with preview images and optimisation functions for determining the sequence of jobs speed up production changes further.

Moreover, all measuring and control systems, such as KBA QualiTronic ColorControl, are available for the Rapida 105 PRO. The fastest control system on the market measures every sheet and inspects every tenth sheet. This system already carries out checks while other systems are still measuring.

HR and LED drying also available

Along with savings in waste delivered by the automation modules mentioned, the Rapida 105 PRO scores points in terms of energy efficiency with the VariDryBlue drying system. Energy consumption is reduced by up to 50 per cent as it reuses the hot air. The volume of exhaust air is also minimised. Energy is utilised and not simply “blown away”, an important contribution to protecting the environment.

HR-UV or LED-UV energy-saving drying processes offered by KBA for all of its Rapida presses are also available for the Rapida 105 PRO and ensure fast post-press especially important to commercial printers. Additionally, LED drying leads to a longer service life of the lamps, minimal heat transfer to the printing stock, advantages in post-press and a significantly higher print quality on uncoated paper.


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