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Heidelberg enters food packaging sector with launch of consumables portfolio

Heidelberg enters food packaging sector with launch of consumables portfolio, Heidelberg, Asia packaging, Germany, materials supplier
Heidelberg is introducing a comprehensive portfolio of low migration consumables suitable for the production of packaging in the food sector.

The company’s new Saphira Low Migration range for press and postpress includes printing inks, dispersion coatings, dampening solution additives, washup solutions, cleaners, oils to protect rollers, and dispersion glues for folding carton manufacture.

Suitable for use in the production of food packaging, all Saphira Low Migration products are specially designed for use in equipment from Heidelberg and deliver high productivity and excellent print results. Saphira Low Migration products are identified with the symbol of a glass and fork on the label.

Heidelberg says all materials bearing the Saphira Low Migration label are checked by independent testing institutes for legal conformity in line with Regulation (EC) No. 1935/2004 and are therefore suitable and approved for the safe production of food packaging. The products ensure that neither the smell nor taste of the foodstuffs is affected, and that their composition does not change in any way. At the same time, the products do not pose any risk to health. All other legal requirements for the production of food packaging remain unaffected and producers of food packaging are not exempted from their duty of care.

With the launch of its own product line of consumables for food packaging production, Heidelberg is rounding off its existing portfolio of equipment, service, and software solutions for packaging printing and expanding its capabilities to offer customers in the food industry packaging solutions from a single source.

One of the main reasons why Heidelberg is moving into this sector is because packaging printing in the food sector worldwide is a growth market that more and more print shops are keen to profit from.

As food packaging production is subject to the very strictest legislation, with one of the key factors in the production process being the consumables used in the press and postpress stages, Heidelberg says it aims to help prevent harmful substances in the consumables being transferred to the packaged foodstuffs and potentially altering their composition and/or taste and smell.

"With Saphira Low Migration, we are responding to requests from many of our customers for consumables for the food packaging sector that are not harmful to health but are still of very high quality," says Peter Tix, head of Consumables at Heidelberg.

"Users can rest assured that these products fulfill all the legal requirements for this sector and thus eliminate one of the biggest risk factors in the production process for food packaging."



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