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Mark Andy enters packaging and labels digital inkjet printing sector

Mark Andy enters packaging and labels digital inkjet printing sector, Mark Andy, Asia packaging, USA, printing press
US –
Mark Andy Inc, known largely for its narrow web flexographic printing presses, is venturing into digital printing for medium-sized labels and package print runs.

The US company recently announced its first Digital Series UV inkjet hybrid printing system - a wholly configurable system that integrates full color, quality digital printing technology in line with converters’ needs for fast change, web handling, in-line converting and other label and package decoration options. 

At the core of the Mark Andy Digital Series is a unique and flexible “hybrid” platform designed to yield significantly more revenues in less time, using less space, less equipment and minimizing labor. It combines the economies and productive advantages of all digital workflows, digital inkjet printing and flexographic printing processes, delivering a dynamic approach to vastly minimize job changeover times and maximize SMED principals of Lean production.

The Digital Series is not a single product or machine, but a group of machine solutions providing varying degrees of performance at different price points.  Coupled with the added configurability of fully advanced, integrated and automated in-line flexographic printing and converting, the result is a high-performance, full color (C, M, Y, K, O, V + W) inkjet or “hybrid” system with running speeds over 200 fpm (76 m/min). The Digital Series is available for a range of web widths beginning with 13 inch (330mm).  It is capable of a range of substrates from sophisticated packaging materials to films to traditional pressure sensitive label stocks.

Mark Andy says the Digital Series is targeted at reducing the total cost per label or unit - a significant driving factor for any converter – through its automated inkjet technology, easy functionality, higher rated run speeds, simplicity of operations and extreme flexibility with numerous configurations.  In addition, the Digital Series technology is less complex and features no click charges.  All of these attributes were maximized to lower work center costs and increase productivity and throughput. 

The first Digital Series will be installed in December 2013 in the US, and is a 330mm wide beta press with process colors plus white digital inkjet, several flexo stations, an inline QCDC converting system and other options.

The line will be commercially available in North America in the spring of 2014 and to the rest of world later in the year. 

Mark Andy president & CEO, P.J. Desai, sums up the Mark Andy Digital Series by saying, “As we expand into the world of digital printing for the label and packaging markets, Mark Andy simply continues to do what we do best as a company, provide the converter with the best solutions incorporating high quality technical innovations that drive customer profitability.”


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