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Inkjet digital press for folding cartons

Inkjet digital press for folding cartons, FUJIFILM Corporation, packaging, Asia, Japan
FUJIFILM Corporation is introducing a new B2 inkjet digital press for folding carton applications that the company says will revolutionise the production of short-run packaging print.


“The global economy has seen a number of downturns including, more recently, the European debt crisis,” the company said. “The print industry tends to be directly influenced by the status of the worldwide economy and this influence is greater now than it has ever been. These challenges, along with ever shortening product life cycles, the re-distribution of advertising spend, and the introduction of smart phones and tablet computers, have increased the focus on short-run print and the ability to meet tighter production deadlines.

“The demand for high speed digital presses to meet these needs for a wider range of print applications is therefore growing at an accelerated rate,” FUJIFILM noted, explaining the need for a inkjet digital press for folding cartons.

The B2 inkjet digital press utilizes some of the core Components pioneered within the Jet Press 720 launched in 2008 and commercialized in late 2011, which marked the first application of FUJIFILM’s SAMBA printhead and water-based ink technologies, enabling single pass inkjet printing at an unprecedented 1200dpi x 1200dpi native resolution with 4 levels of greyscale.

As a result, this B2 format press, targeted at commercial print applications, raised the bar in terms of the quality and format size that was available from a digital press. The Jet Press 720 boosts of speed, simplicity and high quality - with a particularly wide colour gamut – as well as an ability to simplify post press operations.

Besides the new B2 inkjet digital press’s SAMBA features, FUJIFILM has also developed a new UV inkjet ink to meet the particular performance requirements of folding carton applications.

This new UV ink, called VIVIDIA, will have the dual benefit of not only being able to reproduce ultra-high quality images, but will also be better suited to handle the thicker paper and different post press operations that this market demands.

FUJIFILM has overcome a number of technical challenges in order to deliver a UV-based single-pass inkjet digital press. Conventional UV inkjet systems generate pile height on the print surface, reducing image quality to an unacceptable level, especially on paper substrates. FUJIFILM says it has successfully developed a unique technology to reduce the pile height, enabling superior quality images to be reproduced on these substrates.


日本 - 富士公司推出了一个新的B2喷墨数码印刷机,该公司表示,将彻底改变短期的包装印刷生产折叠纸盒的应用。

“”该公司表示,全球经济已经出现了一些包括,最近,欧洲债务危机的经济衰退。 “印刷业往往将直接影响全球经济的地位,这种影响是更大的现在比以往任何时候。随着不断缩短的产品生命周期,重新分配广告花费,以及引进的智能手机和平板电脑,这些挑战,增加了短期印刷和能力,以满足更严格的生产期限的焦点。


在B2的喷墨数字记者利用一些核心部件率先在喷气按720在2008年推出,并在2011年底商业化,这标志着首次应用FUJIFILM的桑巴喷头和水性油墨技术,使单通喷墨印刷正以前所未有的1200dpi的x 1200dpi的原始分辨率,4级灰度。

作为一个结果,这B2格式记者,针对商业印刷应用,提出的是从数字印刷机的质量和格式的大小酒吧。喷气按720的速度,简单性和高品质的提升 - 特别广色域 - 以及简化后按操作能力。





FUJIFILM will be showcasing both of these two single-press inkjet digital systems running live at drupa 2012.

Inkjet digital press for folding cartons, FUJIFILM Corporation, packaging, Asia, Japan

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