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Optimized solution for printing and labelling boxes and pallets

Optimized solution for printing and labelling boxes and pallets, Markem-Imaje, packaging, Asia, France
Industrial coding and marking systems manufacturer Markem-Imaje is introducing an efficient, reliable and optimized solution for printing and labelling boxes and pallets – the 2200 Series – at IPACK-IMA (28 February – 3 March, fieramilano, Milan, Italy).

Capable of covering a broad choice of interchangeable applications, optimized intervention and good label application rates, the new 2220 solution enjoys the advantages of a range that has already demonstrated reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

“We have evaluated the 220 Series in the most representative applications and estimate that production line stoppages will be reduced by at least two days per year in comparison to what our competitors can offer,” says Mike Kirk, Markem-Imaje’s product manager for the range.

The equipment was also developed with environmental concerns in mind, according to Kirk: “In terms of sustainable development, we have reduced the power consumption to 135 watts at maximum throughput, well below the market standard.

“The machine has also been designed to be 95% recyclable.”

High-performance printing
The 2200 Series is capable of printing and applying labels at rates well in excess of 125 boxes per minute. Label application is consistent at ± 0.25mm due to an optimized label path, automatic label tension and an integrated label pad sensor.

The equipment is also equipped with dual RISC processors supported by a dedicated ultra-fast co-processor for optimal performance.Optimized solution for printing and labelling boxes and pallets, Markem-Imaje, packaging, Asia, France

The solution supports high-speed, real-time data generation including barcodes, 2D codes, logos and serialization. Markem-Imaje proposes an optional barcode scanner to make sure that 100% of boxes leave the factory with a readable code; CoLOS software solutions ensure data integrity, central data management and easy connection to the company’s database.

Maximum availability and flexibility
With a simplified media path, operators can reload label and ribbon rolls in less than 40 seconds, and the printhead and rollers exchanged without tools within one minute.

According to Markem-Imaje, production line stoppages are reduced by 25%, thanks to synchronized label and ribbon roll changes and their exceptional length: 560 metres compared to the market standard of 450 metres.

To accommodate all environments and constraints, the 2200 systems can be fitted with different label applicators, including tamp (long or short), wipe or blow for top, side and front. In addition, there is a corner wrap applicator for two adjacent side applications that is interchangeable in the event of new requirements.

The print resolution and width can also be modified if necessary simply by replacing the printhead.

2200 Pallet for identifying pallets
The 220 Series also includes the 220 Pallet for identification of pallets. This compact version incorporates a robust hinged-arm applicator for side, front and back applications, or two adjacent side applications at speeds of up to 120 pallets per hour.

With the CoLOS software package dedicated to pallet management, each pallet can be allocated a unique identification code and traced throughout the logistics chain from the moment it leaves the factory until arrival at its final destination.

Markem-Imaje is a global manufacturer of product identification and traceability solutions, offering a full line of reliable and innovative inkjet, thermal transfer, laser, and print and apply label systems.

Headquartered in Bourg-les-Valance, France, Markem-Imaje provides more than 40,000 customers with optimal product marking and coding solutions, supported by 30 subsidiaries, six R&D centres, several equipment repair centers and manufacturing plants strategically located around the world.

To view Markem-Imaje’s solutions at IPACK-IMA, visit the company at Hall 24, Booth C45 and D48.


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