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Resource friendly hot foil coder with fine setting

Resource friendly hot foil coder with fine setting, packaging, equipment, opendate, printing
The latest development in Open Date Equipment’s hot foil coder range is the E-Coder. It is a high quality attachment, particularly suited to overprint batch and lot numbers, expiry dates, use by dates and prices onto flexible materials - including films, labels and cartons.

“Hot Foil coding has been around a long time and is still used very widely. We continue to develop new, more resource friendly models,” said Gary Cowlard, UK CEO of Open Date. “The E-Coder will appeal to the budget conscious user who does not want to compromise on quality,” he added.

An external digital control unit allows fine setting adjustments to maximise print performance. Key features include precise control of print dwell times and operating temperatures to provide optimum print quality. LED indicators signal print on-line, end of foil, heater fail and thermistor fail. These help to reduce energy and material consumption without affecting the quality of the impression, says the company.

In addition a highly accurate foil adjustment system means wastage is kept to an absolute minimum, keeping consumable costs as low as possible.

E-Coder has a 40mm x 16mm print area and 183 metre foil capacity. It uses Type High or “T” slot type systems. Due to its compact size it can be easily mounted on most packaging and labelling machines using a mounting frame which comes in a standard form or can be adapted to suit a particular machine.

Type holders can be customised to suit individual end-user typefaces and the E-Coder is suitable for both brass and steel type and can incorporate rotary numbering units.


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