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New folding carton printing technology achieves brilliant metallic effects

Amcor Sunshine packs
Amcor’s folding carton business has launched a new printing technology named Sunshine, that delivers a highly reflective metallic effect, a wide variety of design possibilities, and faster speed to market for a range of folding carton applications; the breakthrough technology also simplifies the supply chain, improves packing line performance versus laminated boards, and provides significant environmental benefits.

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Versatile ink particularly suited to PE packaging

Linx Black PE Ink 1130
UK -
Coding specialist Linx Printing Technologies has introduced a new ink to its range that offers excellent adhesion to polyethylene (PE) and most polypropylene (PP) applications, and which is suitable for non-contact food packaging in line with Swiss Ordinance 817.023.021, the European reference for food packaging inks.

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