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SATO launches CUPS Printer Driver in Asia Pacific

SATO launches CUPS Printer Driver in Asia Pacific, SATO Holdings Corporation, Asia packaging, Japan, equipment supplier
Japanese barcode printing, labelling and EPC/RFID solutions provider SATO has launched its new SATO CUPS Driver in Asia Pacific, allowing users to print labels from Linux or Mac OS X system using SATO’s thermal printers and providing greater flexibility for Linux and Mac OS X users as they can now integrate printing seamlessly into their computing systems.

The SATO CUPS Driver currently supports the following major Linux distributions: Red Hat (.rpm), Ubuntu (.deb), and tar.gz for generic distribution installations. The SATO CUPS Drivers are now available for these printer models - CG2, CG4, CT4i, CL4e, CL6e, M84Pro, M84xxSe, GZ4e series. With the growing community of Linux and Mac users, SATO is expected to introduce the CUPS Driver for more printer models in the future.

“SATO is committed to making its thermal printing technology accessible to users of all types of platform so that as many users as possible can leverage on the benefits of SATO’s solutions,” said Yoshiaki Uno, Systems Development Manager, SATO Global Business Services.

“The creation of the SATO CUPS Driver is one of the many examples that exemplify SATO’s continued efforts towards meeting the evolving needs of consumers.”


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