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Pakistan Beverage invests to keep up with market demand

Pakistan Beverage invests to keep up with market demand, Pakistan Beverage Limited, Sidel, PepsiCo, Asia packaging
Pakistan Beverage Limited (PBL), one of the largest beverage producers in Pakistan and a PepsiCo franchisee, has made an investment to boost its products’ quality and production efficiency to meet increased market demand.

PBL has purchased the standalone SBO8 Universal2Eco blower  - the second blower it has acquired from Sidel in less than a year – with the aim of combining high output rates with reliability at its production facility in Karachi, Pakistan.

The company currently operates five manufacturing sites which include the Karachi facility, Yasir Fruit Juice, Hyderabad Plant, Quetta Plant and the Aquafina site.

“At Pakistan Beverage Limited, we always strive to operate reliable equipment that can help us keep up with the market demand. We have worked with Sidel for almost two decades, and with the use of their machines and innovative solutions, we have seen our production capacity increase.” commented Ronnie Daruwalla, Group Director of Manufacturing Operations at PBL.

Growing Pakistani market demand
In Pakistan, the CSD category is second only to milk in terms of quantity consumed. According to industry estimates, the consumption of CSD was estimated at 825.9 million litres in 2015 and projected to exceed one billion litres by the end of 2019 through a CAGR of 7.4%. With this growing consumer demand comes the need for greater production volume at an increased level of efficiency.

With this market potential in view, PBL decided to invest in a second SBO Universal2eco blower, which performs in terms of bottle quality, sustainable and reliable production for multi-serve packages while optimising operating costs.

After installation, PBL will be producing 16,000 bottles per hour for 500 ml, 1.5 litre and 2.25 litre bottles.

Yasin Kassam, PBL’s Managing Director, said, “With the positive and long-standing partnership between us and Sidel, we were always confident that Sidel’s equipment and services would enable us to maintain our reputation and competitive advantage in the beverage industry in Pakistan and are happy to be collaborating with a trustworthy solutions provider once again.”

“Sidel has been operating in Pakistan since 1993, during which time we have built a solid presence in the market, working towards providing innovative packaging solutions to cater to the specific needs of our customers,” said Talha Taha, Regional Commercial Manager for Sidel in Pakistan.

“Throughout these years, we have maintained and built many strong relationships with bottling companies. This success is mainly attributed to the exceptional after sales services we provide, and the quality of our machines that cater to every customer individually.”


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Pakistan Beverage invests to keep up with market demand, Pakistan Beverage Limited, Sidel, PepsiCo, Asia packagingDownload your Complementary Copy 
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