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PET bottles to differentiate edible oil for largest Indian producer

PET bottles to differentiate edible oil for largest Indian producer, Asia packaging, India packaging, Sidel, BL Agro Oils
B L Agro Oils, one of India’s largest producers of mustard oil, is differentiating its products from others in the market by using PET bottles instead of the conventional flexible pouch.

India is one of the world's leading users of edible oil, with a per capita consumption of around 14.4kg per year in 2013-2014. During the same period, domestic producers generated 7.6 million tonnes of edible oils from primary and secondary sources.

One of those producers is B L Agro Oils, a company based in Bareilly in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, and which produces 50-60% of India's total production of mustard oil. It has a total production capacity of 250,000 tonnes per year across the company's two main sites: one in Parsakhera with three production lines and one in Jauharpur with a single line.

Around 80-85% of the companies involved in producing edible oils in India are packaging their products in pouches. To ensure continuous growth in its business and help increase domestic volumes, B L Agro Oils decided to extend the bottling of its oils in PET. Recognising the opportunities that bottling in PET provides to differentiate the company's products, as well as improving its production volumes and offering flexibility in its packaging processes, B L Agro Oils approached Sidel.

Ashish Khandelwal, Executive Director at B L Agro, said, "We knew of Sidel's excellent reputation in liquid packaging and it was a natural choice for us to speak to them when we decided to develop our capabilities in bottling our edible oil in PET."

B L Agro ordered a Sidel bottle production line, which includes a Combi system. This is the first ever Sidel complete PET bottling line for edible oil in the South East Asia Pacific region… For the full story, subscribe to Packaging Business Insight Asia here.

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