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Hon Chuan expands aseptic beverage packaging production capacity in Taiwan

Hon Chuan expands aseptic beverage packaging production capacity in Taiwan, Hon Chuan Enterprise, Sidel, Asia packaging, Taiwan packaging
Hon Chuan Enterprise has expanded its flexible aseptic production capacity to meet the fast-changing tastes and demands from consumers for sensitive products.

The Taiwanese beverage packaging giant recently invested in what is the first Sidel Combi Predis FMa Capdis on the island to gain further advantages in the fiercely competitive Taiwanese/Chinese marketplace.

“As a co-packer, the challenge for us is to improve our production efficiencies to help our clients get their products on the market as and when they need to,” said Keith Dai, Chairman of Hon Chuan. “Improving our capacity and maintaining flexibility to respond to the needs of the market are key to our success.”

Great savings and sustainable achievements
The Sidel Combi Predis FMa Capdis, an aseptic blow-fill-cap solution with dry decontamination of both preforms and caps, is already operating at Hon Chuan’s plant at Taichung, to the west of the centre of the island and the third-largest city in Taiwan.

Aseptic line testing – which check the microbiological validity with high acid and low acid products - took place a few months after the installation was completed. These tests. The final commissioning was completed only five weeks after the line started up and the first commercial run took place shortly after.

It is used for the bottling of a range of low acid to high acid products, such as ready-to-drink (RTD) tea, milk tea and coffee in 350ml, 450ml and 600ml PET bottles in round and rectangular formats.

Compared with the company’s existing aseptic PET line equipped with the traditional wet bottle decontamination which runs at 36,000 bottles per hour, the Sidel Combi Predis FMa Capdis runs at 40,000 bottles per hour. At Hon Chuan, where bottle formats, shapes and product recipes change several times a week for the co-packer, the line is also flexible enough to manage frequent changeovers.

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