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Fast exposure and constant quality printing plates for higher printing efficiency

Fast exposure and constant quality printing plates for higher printing efficiency, Flint Group, Kyoung Wha, Asia packaging, South Korea packaging
One of the largest corrugated packaging manufacturers in South Korea, Kyoung Wha, is expanding its business and diversifying into the flexible packaging and labelling sectors.

Kyoung Wha offers a comprehensive service package, which ranges from design to finished plates, to its clients – most of whom are in the corrugated printing sector. When the company was first established in 1976 in Ansan city, locataed in Gyeonggi-do province about one and a half hours’ drive from Seoul, it was a small operation consisting of three employees which mainly produced hand-made rubber plates. Over time, the business expanded and now has additional sites in the South Korean cities of Daegu and Cheongju, and an overseas branch in Indonesia.

In the spring of 2015, the company decided to expand into flexible packaging and labelling, and to implement this growth strategy, invested in a nyloflex NExT Exposure FV from Flint Group.

The nyloflex NExT exposure technology utilises a high intensity UV-A LED light source to conduct rapid crosslinking of the photopolymer surface. The high UV-A output results in a virtual 1:1 image reproduction from the digital file to the finished plate. In flexible packaging, printing plates exposed with this technology allow excellent ink transfer, particularly in solids. And in corrugated printing, fluting will considerably be reduced.

Kyoung Wha uses the nyloflex NEF printing plates, which have been especially developed for this exposure technology. Chung Jihoon, Director at Kyoung Wha explains: “The plate formulation, which is tailor-made for LED exposure, enables a significantly faster processing of the printing plates. We realise a higher quality by the excellent reproduction of the finest details in the highlights. Besides that, our customers benefit from the outstanding printing stability of the plates – less cleaning stops are necessary, with the result of increased efficiency.“

Kate Chung, Director at Kyoung Wha, adds, “The products are of excellent quality; we purchase flexo as well as letterpress plates. Moreover, the technicians provide quick and efficient solutions when necessary.“


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