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Hokkan installs its first dry aseptic line to meet Indonesian demand for healthier beverages

Hokkan installs its first dry aseptic line to meet Indonesian demand for healthier beverages, PT Hokkan Indonesia, Sidel, Asia packaging, Indonesia packaging
PT. Hokkan has expanded its production capacity as a co-packer of non-carbonated healthy soft drinks for the growing Indonesian beverage market, with the installation of the first Sidel dry aseptic line in the country.

This investment follows the success of the first Sidel line installed at the company - a wet aseptic Combi line - with the two lines now working alongside each other to offer the company increased flexibility in production.

With the commissioning of its second Sidel Combi line in March 2015, PT. Hokkan Indonesia has more than doubled its potential production capacity.

Ready for Indonesian consumers’ switch to healthy beverages in PET
As Indonesia’s growing “middle-class” with more expendable income is looking for new experiences and tastes, the global trend of urbanisation - with more people living within the main urban areas of major cities - is reflected in the country’s consumption patterns which are expected to continue to grow.

PT. Hokkan Indonesia recognised the potential that the Indonesian market represents for growth in healthy beverages. Following the current global trend, Indonesian consumers are becoming more health-conscious, a trend that is set to continue, with younger people in particular already demanding conveniently packaged, healthy products.

With this in mind, PT. Hokkan Indonesia is therefore focusing its business development on milk based products, including milk tea, milk coffee and ‘Matcha’, a popular drink in Indonesia based on a finely ground powder produced from specially grown and processed green tea plants.

“From our experience in Japan, we know that aseptic technology can achieve lightweight bottles, a flexible bottle design and long product shelf life,” said Masaaki Ikezawa, President Director of PT. Hokkan Indonesia. “Aseptic technology offers us numerous opportunities for making quality products.”

The Hokkan Group felt comfortable that Sidel fully understood its focus on product quality and that the Sidel aseptic PET lines could match their food safety requirements… The full four-page report is available in the October 2015 issue of Packaging Business Insight Asia. To subscribe, click here.

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