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Efacec grows market presence in Southeast Asia

Efacec grows market presence in Southeast Asia, Efacec, Lian Hock Hardware Pte Ltd, PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology TBK, PT Smart TBK
Efacec recently sealed three exclusive partnerships that will expand the company’s presence within Southeast Asia.

These contracts are with PT Sinar Mas Agro Resources and Technology TBK (PT Smart TBK) in Surabaya, Indonesia, as well as Lian Hock Hardware Pte Ltd (Lian Hock) and a majorprint and supply chain solutions partner, which are both located in Singapore.

The three separate projects will see Efacec customising and implementing a series of advanced material handling solutions, including the Aisle-Switching Technology, Automatic Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS), Finished Goods Transport System, and Radio-Frequency Identification technology (RFID).

Pedro Furtado, Projects Director at Efacec, said, “We are thrilled by the accelerating growth momentum we’ve gathered in South East Asia. These three projects span across different industries and it gives Efacec an opportunity to showcase the consistent ability of our full suite of warehousing solutions. Efacec has been operating in Asia Pacific for more than 20 years, and we believe that these projects will help to boost our development in the region.”

PT Smart TBK
In the first project, Efacec is providing PT Smart TBK, one of Indonesia’s largest and publicity-listed palm-based companies, a transport system to deliver finished goods from the production facility to the main warehouse for storage purposes.

For this facility, Efacec configured a system that directly interfaces with production by consolidating different production lines into a centralised conveyor system. The line is then connected directly to the main warehouse via pallet lifters, before further separating into two different climate-controlled storage areas.

Lian Hock
Elsewhere, Efacec sealed its first partnership with Lian Hock, a major hardware provider for the marine, engineering, and construction industries in Singapore. The project will see Efacec implementing its ASRS solution for pallets and bins, featuring an aisle-switching technology and RFID system to Lian Hock’s new warehouse in the western part of Singapore.

Koh Chuan Poh, Managing Director at Lian Hock Hardware, said, “To ensure that we fully understood how their warehouse solutions could support our business, Efacec went the extra mile and invited us several times to visit one of their recently completed warehouse projects. Based on their past references of large-scale projects, and the effort and time they spent on working with my building design and architect team, we were assured and confident of Efacec’s ability to effectively implement a suitable solution for our logistics needs.”
Supporting a Print and Supply Chain solutions provider

Last but not least, a global print partner of international publishers engaged Efacec to implement an ASRS solution for its new facility in Singapore. Meant to increase business productivity, the new ASRS system supports the pre-production storage of raw materials, pre-shipment storage of finished goods, and also supplements picking and storage operations for the client’s documents. After a thorough analysis, Efacec provided an ASRS solution with a racking design that measures over 40m in height and stores more than 10,000 pallets.

Directly connected to the client’s different production levels, the ASRS solution also supports the entire facility via equipment interface. This reduces the need for manual picking processes and for personnel to travel between levels by elevators, adding redundancy and improving business flexibility for the client.

Pedro concluded, “As Efacec continues to expand our business here in Asia, we remain confident that our solutions and close customer support will continue to find favour with companies across markets. Efacec’s warehousing solutions have been developed with end-users in mind, and our high quality cost-effective solutions are devised to fully support companies at every operative stage.

“Efacec is committed to helping our clients find the most effective automated warehouse technologies to address their logistical challenges, and we look forward to building more positive relationships with manufacturers from various industries.”

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