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Moving up to the next level with new packaging printing technology

Moving up to the next level with new packaging printing technology, Viet Hung Packaging Co Ltd, manroland, Asia packaging, Vietnam packaging
Viet Hung Packaging Co Ltd, one of the largest packaging companies in north Vietnam, attributes the tremendous success it has enjoyed since it was established just a little over a decade ago in 2003 to two factors: its high quality standard and flexibility in meeting print buyers’ demands.

Viet Hung Packaging, which parent company is major Vietnamese freight forwarder Hoe Viet Group, runs a 120,000 square meter printing facility and specializes in the manufacture and supply of high-quality commercial printing products. Multinational companies and well-known brands – such as Samsung Mobile, Canon and Panasonic – have become regular Viet Hung Packaging customers. These global brands require world-class quality packaging and printing that befit their outstanding products – and Viet Hung Packaging definitely meets the grade.

Quality control is observed very closely at every stage of the production process at Viet Hung Packaging, from the input of raw material to finished goods all the way to warehousing and delivery, says Hoang Gia Hung, General Director of Viet Hung Packaging: “Rigorous quality control and total flexibility to meet our clients’ demands are a must.”

Color consistency is one of the daily challenges for packaging printers, especially because solid and half-tone colors are frequently used in the packaging products. “Perfect printing result – that’s one of the key reasons why we installed our first ROLAND 700 HiPrint in 2013,” says Hoang Gia Hung.

It turned out to be a wise investment and a great business decision. Fast-forward to 2015 and Viet Hung are investing in a new ROLAND 706 LV 3B format machine.

“Based on the successful investment in the first Manroland machine, we have very good reason to believe that Manroland’s top printing technologies can lead us to a new level,” explains Hoang Gia Hung. “The recent investment in the second press, ROLAND 706 LV, is an important part of our company's strategy to strengthen our competitiveness and increase our market share.”

Hoang Ngoc Son, Managing Director of Print & Pack Machinery, the local sales and service partner for Manroland Sheetfed in the Vietnam market, is con-fident that the new press will deliver exactly what Viet Hung Packaging needs to drive business forward.

“The latest technical enhancements to this new press, such as IR/LT/UV Dryer 2.0, do not only maintain top print quality, but also reduce production cost,’’ Hoang Ngoc Son says. “It can absolutely enhance Viet Hung Packaging’s overall competitiveness and effectively help it with its further expansion.”

Additionally, the flexible machine configuration of ROLAND 700 HiPrint is capably supporting Viet Hung Packaging in producing various jobs for print buyers. “According to its specific requirements, Viet Hung installed the SelectAntistatic module on the machine. This has huge advantages when printing laminated sub-strates,” says Hoang Ngoc Son.

With the new ROLAND 706 LV and the existing ROLAND 706 in its printing facility, Viet Hung Packaging says it now has a dynamic duo working to ensure its leading position in a highly competitive industry.

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