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Chinese packaging converter opts for flexo

Chinese packaging converter opts for flexo, KBA, KBA-Flexotecnica, Shanghai Zidan Food Packaging & Printing, Asia packaging
Shanghai Zidan Food Packaging & Printing has invested in quality press capabilities with its purchase of a flexo web press from KBA-Flexotecnica, which says this order reaffirms the “considerable growth potential” for flexo printing in China.

Zidan Food Packaging & Printing is a leading supplier of sophisticated packaging in the Chinese market and was founded in 1996 by the Zijiang Group. The Group made a name for itself in flexo printing very early on and sets the standards in China with regard to this printing process.

Zidan’s main products include food packaging, folding carton, corrugated packaging, shopping bags and even packaging for toys. Internationally renowned enterprises, such as KFC, McDonald’s, Kraft, Phillips, Sony, GE and GM, are just some of its longstanding customers.

The company owns an extensive press fleet in order to fulfil its customers’ challenging demands. Along with a Rapida 142 installed in 2012, the packaging experts ordered a high-tech Rapida 106 medium-format press with nine printing units and a coating unit at Print China in Dongguan in April 2015. The company previously used web presses for flexo printing from another manufacturer.

Zidan aims to expand its capacities for fast-food paper packaging with this recent order for an EVO XD flexo web press from KBA-Flexotecnica.

The decision in favour of an eight-colour EVO XD CI press with coater was made after in-depth technical comparisons to a press from another German manufacturer and visits to see the press in action in Asia and Europe.

A key unique feature compared to competitors’ presses is the EVO XD’s highly efficient drying system co-developed with a team of experts from Milan University. The press thus meets even the highest demands in terms of quality with a high web speed of 500m/min (1,641ft/min).

Its innovative operating concept facilitates minimal start-up times when changing jobs. The patented auto impression (AIF) and user-friendly register control keep start-up waste to a minimum.

Lu Weida, general manager of Zidan, said, “We are following our strategy of achieving the highest level of quality using a sustainable production process with this new press. We are convinced that we made the right choice by ordering the EVO XD.”

The new EVO XD is expected to come on stream at Zidan in the first quarter of 2016. Together with field technicians from Italy, local service staff from KBA China who have already been thoroughly trained in this printing process will be involved in the installation. KBA China’s experienced service team will be on-hand following commissioning to ensure that Zidan and all new flexo customers receive fast and professional service on-site.

KBA-Flexotecnica says the order signals a successful comeback in the Chinese market which still holds considerable growth potential for flexo printing compared to gravure that dominates today.

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