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Major Chinese flexo plate trade shop enters label printing business

Major Chinese flexo plate trade shop enters label printing business, Flint Group, Sinwa, Asia packaging, China packaging
Chinese flexo plate trade shop Sinwa has entered the label printing business with its investment in a letterpress plate-making system.

Founded in 2000, Shangahi-based Sinwa was one of the first companies in China to install a digital imager to serve flexo printing demand. The company operates six domestic branches in Shanghai, Dongguan, Qingdoa, Wuhan, Tianjin and Weifang - each of them serving its local markets.

Recently, Sinwa decided to expand its business into the letterpress area for label printing. Label printers with high quality demands continue to grow, whilst – coupled with the gradual decline of the film industry – the traditional letterpress plate technology faces more and more difficulties in meeting all of the labelling requirements.

The move to meet precision and improved reproduction through digital platforms has provided opportunity for Sinwa with its many years of experience in the digital flexo plate-making process. Consequently, it was only a minor step to extend their value-adding service to letterpress customers by providing high-quality digital letterpress plates.

To meet this growing demand Sinwa purchased the compact all-in-one letterpress plate-making system, nyloprint Combination CW 50 x 70 from Flint Group. The efficient and cost effective device combines an exposure with a washout and drying unit for the production of top-quality water washable letterpress plates. Programmed plate processing parameters and a temperature controlled washout section allow excellent process safety. A proven plush washout system prevents the fine elements from washing away, thus providing the reproduction of fine dots – in this way, and in combination with Flint Group’s nyloprint WF 95 HD plate for label printing, the company meets the challenges on printing details required by the letterpress label printers.

“From the onset, Sinwa has been an innovation leader in the Chinese flexo printing market and offers outstanding products and services”, says Zheng QiHong Magenta, General Manager Flint Group Flexographic Products China. “We are confident that with Flint Group’s unique letterpress plate technology and experience, the project will prove very successful.”

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