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Taiwan paper giant expands production capacity by 300,000 tons of paperboard

Taiwan paper giant expands production capacity by 300, 000 tons of paperboard, Valmet, Yuen Foong Yu Packaging Inc, Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg Co Ltd
Yuen Foong Yu Packaging Inc is investing in a new containerboard production line that will produce high-quality fluting grades out of 100% recycled raw materials.

Supplied by Valmet, the new production line will be installed at Yuen Foong Yu Packaging’s Xin Wu site in Taoyuan County, Taiwan, and is scheduled to start-up in the third quarter of 2016.

The new machine will have an annual production capacity of approximately 300,000 tonnes of board and a design speed of 1,200 m/min.

The delivery of the OptiConcept M containerboard production line includes complete boardmaking line from headbox to reel. A new winder is also included in the delivery.

The operating profitability of the OptiConcept M is based on the concept's overall efficiency covering energy- and resource-efficient processes and high speed, ensuring optimized productivity at minimal operational cost.

"We selected a machine concept that emphasizes environmental efficiency especially in terms of energy saving. Our target is to produce high quality containerboard,” says Chia-Feng Yeh, Project Director of Yuen Foong Yu Packaging.

“In order to be competitive, we want to operate with the latest proven technology. Valmet's OptiConcept M has the features which align well with our expectations."

Yuen Foong Yu Packaging Inc is an independent subsidiary of Yuen Foong Yu Paper Mfg Co Ltd. It is one of the two largest manufacturers of industrial paper in Taiwan and one of the largest suppliers of paper containers in the Greater China.

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