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Japan-Hong Kong collaboration to develop large-sized hydraulic injection moulding machines for China

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Plastic Technology Co Ltd (MHI-PT), an injection molding machinery subsidiary of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd (MHI), and Chen Hsong Group of Hong Kong, a major injection molding machine producer in China, have signed an agreement under which the two companies will collaborate in the area of large-sized hydraulic injection molding machines. Read more ...

Clear laser coding onto cold glass bottles

  • Written by Linx Printing Technologies - Press release
  • Category: Package Converting

linxclearlasercodingaUK - Linx Printing Technologies claims that its innovative Visicode technology, developed to deliver a much clearer code onto cold glass, will keep bottlers’ running costs low without compromising on line speed.

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Flexible IML automation for injection molded packaging

  • Written by Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH – Press release
  • Category: Package Converting
Marbach Werkzeugbau GmbH, a leading global supplier of injection molding and thermoforming tooling and related automation for the packaging industry, has introduced what it calls the industry’s latest in flexible in-mold labeling (IML) automation for injection molded thin-wall packaging. Register to read more ...

Innovative technology to meet growing demand for glass replacement of hotfill foods

  • Written by Nissei ASB Co – Press release
  • Category: Package Converting

US – A new two-step reheat stretch-blow molding machine for the production of wide mouth hot-fill PET containers is now available as a solution to meet the shifting trend for plastic packaging as a replacement for glass for hot-fill foods such as sauces, pickles, jams and jelly.

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Bottle Switch – changing molds in less than a minute

  • Written by Staff Reporter
  • Category: Package Converting

SWITZERLAND - Sidel has launched a new patented quick format changeover system – the Bottle Switch – which promises to allow operators to change a mold in under a minute.

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Siemens offers Integrated IT solutions at Sino Corrugated

CHINA – Customers looking for high performance IT integrated solutions found an option in Siemens’ Sinamics S120 chassis and Simontion.

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Bobst demos Beautiful Dragon technology ??


CHINA – Bobst is currently presenting live demonstrations of its corrugated machinery’s capabilities in fulfilling the type of jobs its customers face daily.

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Valco sees strong growth in China's adhesive market

With its reputation in glue application technology, Valco Melton has been enjoying strong sales in China and Asia, particularly for its adhesive system pattern control, which it is showcasing in the Mainland.

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Steady Line from BHS cuts adhesive costs

BHS Corrugated Maschinen- und Anlagenbau GmbH is celebrating its 50th anniversary worldwide and 15th anniversary in China with a showcase of its state of the art solutions for the corrugated industry in the Mainland.

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Bayer China installs laser testing on the region’s fastest pharma blister packaging line

CHINA - Bayer China’s Shanghai plant, has installed BlisterScan, a blue dye test alternative which uses innovative laser technology that tests for leaks in blisterpacks using state-of-the-art non contact technology, at the fastest pharmaceutical packaging line in Asia Pacific.

As part of their quality assurance processes, Bayer China has installed BlisterScan equipment supplied by the packaging specialist, Sepha, for non-destructive leak testing on a wide variety of blisterpacks containing tablets and capsules.

Sepha Chief Executive Aubrey Sayers explains: “Testing is a vital part of quality assurance for pharmaceutical manufacturers to ensure package integrity, drug stability and minimise waste.

“The BlisterScan gives a snap shot of the quality of the packaging of batches. It replaces the traditional and messy blue-dye test method of checking for leaks using a liquid test on randm sample packs drawn from however the blue-dye test renders the sample packs and their contents un-useable regardless of whether they have a hole in them or not”.

According to Sepha, BlisterScan can detect leaks as small as 7 microns in individual blister pockets using scanning technology, so that all samples that ‘pass’ the test can be re-introduced to the packaging line, thus reducing waste and increasing productivity.

BlisterScan instantly pinpoints the location of a faulty pocket seal by using a beam of light that scans the pockets before and after applying a vacuum. A pass or fail result is given on the basis of the ‘before’ and ‘after’ reading against predetermined leakage acceptance levels and from the results a correlation with the hole size can be made.

No specialist knowledge or training is required to use the machine and the test cycle is complete in less than six minutes with tooling changeover taking about 30 seconds.

Sepha’s extensive technical expertise within the pharmaceutical industry has resulted in close working relationships with a large number of the world’s top pharmaceutical manufacturers. Their machines have been developed to meet the stringent standards that pharmaceutical companies face in highly competitive and regulated markets. In addition to BlisterScan, the range includes ‘PakScan’: a leak tester for non-destructive testing of pouches and sachets, as well as ‘PressOut’ deblistering devices which transform the laborious task of removing tablets from their capsules into an automated process as fast as 50 tablets per minute.

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