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Tetra Pak redesigns ice cream line in response to Southeast Asian demand

Tetra Pak redesigns ice cream line in response to Southeast Asian demand, Tetra Pak, Asia packaging, dairy packaging, confectionery packaging
In response to increasing demand from customers in Southeast Asia, Tetra Pak has redesigned its A3 Ice Cream Filler.

Tetra Pak redeveloped its lid dispenser to enhance standardisation, made its cone dispenser more flexible in handling different cones and cups , improved its chocolate sprayer, and increased the line’s capacity from four to six lanes.

The dairy giant said the modular design of the machine offers significant production flexibility with simple setup and easy equipment changeovers, allowing customers to switch smoothly between different cone sizes or cups, as well as ice cream flavours, in just a few minutes.

According to Peter Lindstrom, Category Director at Tetra Pak, these modifications to the line were made in response to the increased competitiveness of the global ice cream marker, which is in turn attracting more producers.

The company says it sees particular demand for the line from customers in Southeast Asia and South America where new producers are entering the market, and also in Eastern Europe where existing manufacturers are looking for more production flexibility.

“The ice cream market is extremely competitive. Our customers face the challenge of providing quality products to consumers while keeping costs down,” said Lindstrom. “Our new filler offers an effective solution which improves cone handling and delivers different products on one machine.

“This significantly cuts operational costs – our pilot tests show that customers can save up to EUR 69,000 per year on the cone dispenser alone, thanks to reduced wastage.”


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