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Continuous and exact filling process bag after bag

Continuous and exact filling process bag after bag, Beumer Group, Asia packaging, industrial packaging, plastic packaging
With the bulk density, flow characteristics and grain distribution of products such as cement, mortar or gypsum - which are filled in bags and packed for delivery to the customer - differing significantly, a packaging system solution is now offering the ability to cater to varying needs.

Beumer Group, a single-source provider of filling, palletising and packaging systems, has introduced the Beumer fillpac, which considers building materials’ own specific characteristics – including high product temperatures or different volumes and weights which may show an unusual flow behaviour and may be dimensionally unstable.

The new filling machine enables material manufacturers to fill bags without any product loss - filling reliably, carefully and sustainably while meeting the required throughput. Specific weighing electronics are utilised to ensure weight accuracy of the bags, and operators can now nearly eliminate rejects caused by too high or too low filling weights.

It can be flexibly integrated and adapted with existing packaging lines by the user. Depending on project requirements, Beumer Group offers varying designs.

Precision filling
The Beumer fillpac is equipped with a weighing unit, which communicates permanently with the filler neck via a dedicated software. The automatic bag weight control determines the exact filling weight while filling.

This way the system always achieves accurate degrees of filling. Thus the packaging line works more efficiently as it is no longer necessary to remove under or overweight bags from the material flow. In addition, the quantity indicated on the bag always corresponds to the real volume.

Air filling machines for pourable and coarse-grained products
Depending on the requirements and on the material characteristics such as bulk density, flow behaviour or grain distribution, Beumer Group can offer both air and turbine filling machines from the construction series.

The air filling machines are suitable for bagging pourable and coarse-grained products with particle sizes up to ten millimetres. The systems use a blower to fluidise the materials in a pressure chamber. The products can then be filled into bags gently and precisely.

Depending on the throughput, the user may opt for a rotary or an inline filling machine. The air rotary filling machines have four to twelve filling modules which are arranged in a circular pattern. Depending on the number of filling spouts, the systems reach a maximum capacity of 1,200 to 3,600 bags per hour for 25-kilo bags.Continuous and exact filling process bag after bag, Beumer Group, Asia packaging, industrial packaging, plastic packaging

The air inline filling machines are generally equipped with one to four filling modules. Depending on the number of filling spouts positioned next to each other, the system achieves a capacity reaching between 300 and 1,200 25-kg-bags per hour.

Regardless of whether the system is arranged in a circular pattern or in a line, capacity and utilisation can be improved by installing an optional automatic bag placer. The filling process is carried out either automatically or at the push of a button.

Two configurations are available for removing the bag at the end of the filling process: either manually or automatically with vertical bag discharge on a belt conveyor.

Turbine filling machine for free flowing and fine-grain products
The turbine process is the appropriate solution for companies which predominantly fill free flowing and fine-grained materials, such as cement or gypsum. The turbine filling machines use motor-driven impellers. They can be arranged either horizontally or vertically, ensuring a particularly high filling pressure and thus a very good compaction of the fine-grained materials to be bagged.
The result is filled bags which are compact and dimensionally stable so that the user is no longer required to vent them.

With up to 20 filling modules, the BEUMER fillpac R for example can fill up to 300 tons of fine-grain materials per hour into diverse bag types. The HDPE bag placer, an exclusive offering of Beumer Group, enables dependable filling of HDPE bags.

The filling impeller is characterised by its speed and the maximum material throughput. The bag weight adjustment, which automatically adjusts the weight of the next bag, always ensures precise results.

Opening and closing of the vertically mounted filling spout is carried out outside of the dirty area - this way the three-position cylinder which regulates the coarse and fine flow is protected from dust. The cylinder for bag discharging is also located in the dust-free zone above the filling spout. This solution minimises wear and tear on both cylinders and, therefore, ensures longer service life.

Beumer Group also offers the turbine filling machines with inline design. The filling modules are placed next to each other for ready access, which makes them extremely easy to maintain. The inline filling machines are best suited for production environments with low throughput rates.

Individual customisation
The Beumer construction series is equipped with an ergonomic control terminal. The improved Human Machine Interface concept allows operators to work in a simple and intuitive way.

Almost all built-in Components of the BEUMER fillpac are freely available commercially. This reduces delivery times for spare parts and lowers capital costs for the user. Furthermore, the intralogistics supplier has designed the system in a way that individual customer requirements or special operational requests can be implemented flexibly and cost-effectively.

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