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KraussMaffei expands injection molding machinery options for Chinese market

KraussMaffei expands injection molding machinery options for Chinese market, KraussMaffei Group, Asia packaging, China packaging, plastic packaging
KraussMaffei Group has expanded its China-manufactured MX injection molding machine series by two clamp sizes to meet increased customer demand.

The MX series, which can be used to manufacture packaging including transport crates and pallets, has been produced at KraussMaffei’s plant in Haiyan, China, since 2012.

"Since then, the MX series has successfully become established on the market. Demand is increasing this year," said Christian Blatt, CEO of the KraussMaffei Group in China, who explained that this success has been due largely to the high quality of the machinery and fast and cost-effective production for domestic customers.

"Optimized production processes have enabled throughput times to be shortened by almost half, which is extremely welcome news for our customers," Blatt continued. Added to this are the additional time advantages since, among other things, there is no need to transport items from Europe, along with a faster availability of spare parts and a service package that is tailored to meet local needs.

KraussMaffei said that to further meet customer demand, they are now expanding the MX series for China upward with two new clamp sizes.

"We are receiving ever more inquiries requesting higher clamping forces, especially from the automotive industry. With the new MX 2700 and MX 3200, we are able to offer our local customers efficient and flexible production solutions with clamping forces of 27,000 kN and 32,000 kN respectively," explained Jörg Wittgrebe, Sales Director China at KraussMaffei.

Gaining production flexibility and the competitive edge
Plastics processors are increasingly having to address the issues of higher productivity and rising labor costs, even in China and South-East Asia. This means that flexible machine concepts are becoming ever more important. "The great adaptability of the MX series for different applications is ideal here, and is being employed by ever more customers,” said Blatt.

"2015 got off to a promising start, which means that we will continue to participate in growing markets and further expand our presence in Asia."

The MX series is predestined above all for applications in the automotive, packaging and logistics industries. Characteristic of the MX series is the hydromechanical two-platen clamping unit developed by KraussMaffei. This represents robust construction, fast production and low-maintenance operation. Force flow-optimized sliding shoes in combination with guided tiebars guarantee exactly parallel clamping movements and permanent mold protection.

Other advantages of the MX series are the superb melt quality and the excellent shot weight consistency.


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