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Chinese converter improves luxury packaging design offerings with new CAD platform

Chinese converter improves luxury packaging design offerings with new CAD platform, Mingfeng Packing, ZW3D, Asia packaging, China packaging
Major domestic luxury packaging supplier Mingfeng Packing Co Ltd has upgraded its CAD design platform to boost efficiency and save costs.

Mingfeng - which provides high quality one-stop packaging solutions for the cosmetics, jewellery, spirits, coin, gifts, confectionery and pharmaceutical industries, serving major brands including Omega, Dior, Cartier, Chanel, Swarovski, China Gold Coin Inc, United States Mint etc – had been in search of a way to stay competitive in the ever-changing market.

One problem it faced was the lack of access to intuitive visual presentations and quick validation of product data in its packaging design process. The inadequacy of its existing 2D CAD solution was significantly increasing the cost and amount of time spent in departmental communications.

Mingfeng decided to upgrade its 2D CAD design platform to ZW3D’s CAD/CAM solution with flexible solid-surface hybrid modelling technology that enables the Chinese company’s designers to obtain free interoperation between solid and surface modelling, optimise 2D design efficiency as well as originality, and meet customers’ diversified requirements.

In addition, the solution’s powerful file translator also helps to leverage existing DWG data, leading to smooth transition to 3D designs, while the direct export of 2D drawings and automatic generation of BOM offer Mingfeng seamless data exchange between manufacturing, purchasing and other departments.

Mingfeng’s designers also had a shorter learning curve to handle because of ZW3D’s embedded Show-n-Tell tutorial as well as in-time technical support and integrated training.


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