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Bobst and Esko partner up in India

Bobst and Esko partner up in India, Bobst, Esko, Asia packaging, India packaging
Bobst and Esko have signed a one-year partnership to educate the Indian market on the packaging converting workflow, utilizing Esko’s hardware and software for the Bobst India blanking tooling project.

Customers will now be able to observe a carton converting workflow starting from carton design to prototyping and mass production using Bobst’s die-cutting and folder gluer and inspection machines at one demonstration site – Bobst’s factory in Pune.

The Esko workflow using ArtiosCAD software for cartons structural design will also be demonstrated.

Venugopal Menon, vice president of Bobst India, said, “We are particularly happy to have come to an agreement with Esko, which allows our demonstration center in Pune to show the structural design of cartons and the creation of prototypes. Esko also helps us in our blanking tooling project.”

Shrihari Rao, sales director of Esko India, added, “Bobst is the benchmark for quality and productivity in the carton and corrugated market segments. Esko is the benchmark for CAD/CAM packaging design and pre-press solutions. Esko’s ArtiosCAD, which is widely used by the packaging industry, complete with the die-making module is now installed at the Bobst India demonstration center.

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