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Chinese packaging equipment manufacturer aims to break foreign technology monopoly

Chinese packaging equipment manufacturer aims to break foreign technology monopoly, Guangdong Jinming Machinery, Asia packaging, China, equipment supplier
Chinese packaging equipment manufacturer Guangdong Jinming Machinery is partnership with Xi’an Jiaotong University to develop a “highly intelligent” blown film equipment controller system, to meet the current lack of precision, micromation, upsizing and automatic control technology in China.

According to Guangdong Jinming, the system-on-a-chip (SOC) control system it is developing is a nascent core technology for the plastic machinery industry which few developed countries have a good grasp of, creating a monopoly in the market. The company wants to break the monopoly of high-end film lines to create a high-performing Chinese version of the technology.

In addition, Guangdong Jinming says the price discrepancy between domestic and foreign products can be as high as ten times – with average unit price amounting to just US$3,000 in 2013; the company wants to break from the lower-end of the value chain to achieve higher margins.

With the chip it’s developing, the company intends to include intelligent algorithms to gain better control over the machine’s speed, temperature and pressure

Guangdong Jinming has previously developed multi-layer coextrusion blow moulding machines with similar electronic systems, and now intends to bring its new blown film control system to trial production in 2016.

In April it opened a plastic film technical centre for the Asia Pacific to develop new film making technology, experiment with raw materials suppliers, and give customers an insight into its production and R&D with simulations of their actual jobs.

The centre includes test platforms for a single-screw extruder, water quenched high-barrier blown and transfusion blown film lines, and two upward multi-layer coextrusion blown film lines –  1700-2800mm and 900-1700mm.

It is also currently developing a PVDC high barrier lamination broad-width blown film line, a nine-layer coextrusion barrier lamination broad-width blown film line (2000mm), and a forced-feeding single-screw extruder.


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