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Faster stretch hood machine facilitates easy practical usage

Faster stretch hood machine facilitates easy practical usage, Beumer, interpack 2014, Asia packaging, Germany
A new stretch hood machine that is faster, more practical, and smaller is being introduced by Beumer at interpack.

For companies in the construction material, chemical or food and beverage industries, the topic of safety when transporting and storing palletised products is becoming more important. This prompted Beumer to develop a new machine in its stretch hood model range that offers even more practical and safer handling for the user, compared with other machines in this model range.

The Beumer stretch hood A sees the intralogistics specialist from Beckum redesign the packaging system from scratch. During the development, our specialists analysed various Components were analysed and optimised in terms of function, arrangement and ergonomics. This includes an intuitive menu system on the machine control via a soft-touch panel, an optimised, ergonomically designed workplace for the operator and material-friendly transporting of the film in the machine thanks to an innovative film transport system. The new system also features improved system performance and needs far less floor space.

To facilitate work for maintenance staff, and thus ensure higher machine availability, the new machine has been reconfigured to be accessible without a platform and steps. Maintenance work, such as changing the blades, or the sealing bars, is now handled at floor level. The operator opens a drawer for these activities, providing free access to blades and sealing bars. The machine is automatically brought to a standstill to protect the operator. This removes the need to move subassemblies to maintenance position. Due to this rapid access capability, maintenance work is accelerated, and the risk of accidents and malfunctions minimised.Faster stretch hood machine facilitates easy practical usage, Beumer, interpack 2014, Asia packaging, Germany

The machine's ergonomics have also been consistently advanced. With just a few actions, and without tools, the operator can feed in the film. This means substantial reductions to tooling and conversion times. Additional benefits include the compact design of the BEUMER stretch hood and the resulting low height and small footprint.

An innovative, material friendly film transport system feeds the previously created film hood into the system. On its way to the crimping and stretching unit, the sealing seam on the film hood cools down so that it can be crimped without loosing time. This removes the need for an energy-intensive cooling unit and time-consuming cooling. The pallets can be packed in a shorter cycle time thus reducing idle times, while at the same time ensuring improved packaging performance and less energy consumption.

With its U-shaped frame design, the BEUMER stretch hood can be easily connected to existing conveying systems. Removing the need to interrupt the conveying system also guarantees smooth conveying performance for the pallets and stability of the palletised goods.

Other new features of this machine include the Beumer Group Human Machine Interface (HMI), a newly-developed operator panel with an optimised user interface and graphical navigation. Energy-saving motors and low compressed air requirements also help ensure a favourable energy balance, with the compressed air requirements significantly reduced compared with the previous model.

Beumer is exhibiting at interpack, Hall 12, Booth D36.


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