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New hotfill machine ensures highest standards of hygiene

New hotfill machine ensures highest standards of hygiene, Sidel, Asia packaging, Switzerland, equipment supplier
Offering customers an extensive range of possible configurations, a new modular hotfill machine from Sidel provides the highest standards of hygiene to meet the production demands of more natural and fresher beverages, even those including pulps or fruit pieces. 

The radical, modular Sidel Matrix hotfill system has been developed to ensure the levels of product safety and quality required by the fastest growing segment of the beverage industry, including juices, nectars, still drinks, isotonics and tea (JNSDIT).

A part of Sidel’s global Matrix solutions, the new Sidel Matrix hot filler has been developed to meet the high safety and quality production standards for any kind of drink - of high or low acidity - to be bottled in PET containers in sizes from 200 ml to 2 litres.  Besides being suitable for still products, such as teas, isotonic beverages, juices and nectars, the machine is equipped with Sidel’s ‘Integrated Slurry Dosing’ (ISD) which enables it to also handles products with pulps or fruit pieces, sacs or fibres for products like pulpy juices, flavoured waters with fruit pieces, even Chinese Aloe Vera or coconut-based drinks.

The new hotfill machine is also capable of operating at production rates ranging from 6,000 to 60,000 bottles per hour.

Robust and modular

The Sidel Matrix hot filler offers great end-product versatility, managing a broad range of products with or without pieces. In straightforward block-rinser configuration, it manages still beverages, with a simple grid valve. 

It can also handle products with small pulps and fibres up to 1 x 10 mm, with the option of a plunger valve.  It is also available for products with pieces measuring up to 10 mm3, using a volumetric bits dosing turret. Any of these configurations can be utilised as the ‘filling’ module of a fully integrated 'blow-fill-cap' solution within a Sidel Combi set-up.

Hygienic design for product quality and integrity

Throughout the entire packaging process, Sidel’s Matrix hot filler ensures complete product safety through hygienic design and contactless filling valves.

The product never comes into contact with the ambient air and at no point during the production process is any bottle in contact with the filling valve, therefore reducing the risk of cross contamination.

Accurate filling

Throughout the filling process, it is possible to control the flow rate from the tank to the filling valve without stressing the product being bottled.  Any turbulence created by changing the flow rate remains within the tank, which acts as a buffer from the incoming product.

In addition, the bottle and filling valve are both fixed during filling, to avoid any splashing and subsequent product wastage.

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