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Coca-Cola’s NitroHotfill bottle from Krones

Coca-Cola’s NitroHotfill bottle from Krones, The Coca-Cola Company, Krones, brand owner, equipment supplier
Coca-Cola Amatil CCA has won the 2013 Australian Packaging Design Award with a NitroHotfill bottle designed by Krones.

For the newly conceived 600-millilitre Powerade Sports bottle, CCA was voted “Best of Show”.
The challenge involved was to develop an extremely lightweight, eco-friendly hotfill bottle with a 38-millimetre wide-neck closure. This was successfully accomplished in full.

The container’s weight has been reduced from 33 to 24 grams, while the filling process was changed over from hotfill to warmfill – leading to substantial savings in energy consumption.

All of the bottle’s constituents can be fully recycled.

With the Krones NitroHotfill process, bottles can be produced with a minimised weight, without the typical vacuum panels, featuring flatter, design-optimised bases that significantly improve the bottles’ visual appearance. The Powerade container elicited a “Wow!” from the jury.

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