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New Smart Capper for high quality glass jar and bottle sealing

New Smart Capper for high quality glass jar and bottle sealing, Crown Holdings Inc, Crown Food Europe, packaging, Asia
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Food and beverage manufacturers now have a broader choice of capping solutions to meet the specific needs of their production lines with the launch of the Smart Capper from Crown Food Europe, a business unit of Crown Holdings Inc.

This new machine provides high-quality sealing for glass jars and bottles and, with its adjustable running speeds, is ideally suited for small- and medium-sized manufacturers who need to manage fluctuations in their production volumes.

Developed in Crown’s Centre of Excellence in Aprilia, Italy, the Smart Capper has been designed for ease of use and provides quick and easy manual cap and glass size changeovers. A streamlined, functional design translates to minimal maintenance, helping to reduce downtime. The machine can run at up to 150 caps per minute, and can be operated at a speed adapted (via an electronic link) to the rest of the production line, for heightened efficiency.

The Smart Capper is built from stainless steel with an easily accessible interior for optimum cleaning in compliance with the latest hygiene standards. In addition, the machine is designed to comply with EU directive 2006/42/CE on machine safety.

“A wide range of companies in Europe, both big and small, rely on our capping solutions to ensure their products reach consumers in perfect quality,” said Ana Neale, Marketing Director, Crown Food Europe. “We have designed the Smart Capper with small- and medium-sized manufacturers in mind, ensuring that it provides the performance and variable speeds that they require.”



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