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Sidel targets Asia with new PET aseptic filler

Sidel targets Asia with new PET aseptic filler, Sidel, packaging, Asia, Switzerland
Sidel is targeting Asian converters and packers with its new high-speed PET filler for single-serve sensitive beverages, set to launch later this year.

To meet growing demand for aseptic filling of sensitive products such as juices, nectars and isotonic beverages, in cartons, the Swiss company has refined its existing Combi Predis/Capdis FMa technology to enhance its capabilities for product protection and shelf life, increase operating speeds while at the same time lower costs.

Suitable for aseptic bottling of any beverage type, the Predis – used within a Combi system combining blow moulding, filling and capping – provides 100% pre-form and cap sterilization without hygienic rinsing.

Instead, the machine uses a hydrogen peroxide ‘mist’ for dry preform decontamination, doing away with the need for water and emitting no effluent. This saves 250 cubic metres of water and 200 litres of chemicals daily compared to standard aseptic bottling line. Annual operating costs are also lowered by as much as 30% compared to traditional dry bottle decontamination.

The new machine can also handle up to 48,000 bottles per hour (Combi Predis range speeds starts at 10,800 per hour) for small containers up to 700ml.Sidel targets Asia with new PET aseptic filler, Sidel, packaging, Asia, Switzerland

Sidel says its technology is suited for high output markets and countries with scarce water resources: “This is especially true for Asia, a market requiring high-output production where demand for water is rising as supply decreases.”

Additional benefits include energy savings, a smaller footprint and the potential for lighter bottles. Quick and easy format and liquid changeovers are also possible, as well as 120 hours of non-stop production.

“Predis is one example of a technological leap forward that introduces a new economic and environmental model,” the company said. “While such aseptic solutions are technologically advanced, they are also extremely simple.”


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