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VIDEO Cama Triaflex robots: innovation in packaging lines

Demands for greater speed and efficiency have spurred Cama Group to come up with its latest packaging machinery innovation: this application can be composed of a single loading unit that integrates up to four delta-style robots or a four in line Triaflex system.

First the unsorted chocolate bars arrive from production on a belt and each Delta robot is responsible from picking products from certain rows. Bars are picked up and placed into trays on a transfer belt which transports the products to the next station for secondary packaging. Gentle handling guarantees the integrity of an extremely fragile product.Cama Group, Italy, packaging automation

A single Triaflex delta robot achieves speeds of up to 120 cycles per minute. Through the simultaneous picking of several products using a “multi picks” gripper system, the delta robot can handle up to 300 products per minute. The unique approach of this new multi-robot platform in comparison to other systems available on the market is that Cama utilizes a single controller for the entire machine and no longer controls each individual robot with a separate controller. Moreover, this solution saves space: the footprint cab be cut by 50 % and the control cabinet size by 40 %.

This helps to reduce the costs for cabling further and simplifies the installation. Finally, the Cama Triaflex robots are guided by an artificial vision system, which guarantees automatic recognition of the various products, according to their type. The products are conveyed to different robots, to be loaded either in their final package or into the infeed of another packaging machine. The simplicity of this robotic design provides easy set up and user-friendly operation.

Cama Group, Italy, packaging automationThe Cama Triaflex loading unit has already been installed at different European customers and more recently a big Russian Confectionery manufacturer chose the Cama four in line Delta Robots system for its new packaging line.

All Cama machines can be combined in complete packaging lines for biscuits, confectionery, cereals, powders, yogurt, ready meals, ice creams, personal and home care products, as well as other major industries. CAMA GROUP is an Italian private company, whose core business is the engineering and the production of complete high technology secondary packaging systems and machinery.

Its outstanding packaging knowledge combined with a unique machine range (Packaging Division) and robotic loading units (Robotic Division), represent CAMA capability to offer complete lines starting from the handling of primary packages such as a flow-wrap, a bag, a tray, etc., up to the supply of final carton/corrugated packaging ready for palletising.

Today Cama Group can also count on a subsidiary in Asia: CAMA ASIA-PACIFIC based in Bangkok. A sales office with 2 after sales service centers, one dedicate to China with Chinese speaking service engineers and one for South East Asia region.



>Cama Group, Italy, packaging automation 更大的速度和效率的需求已经促使卡马集团来了其最新的包装机械创新:这个应用程序可以组成一个单一的,集成了多达四个三角洲式机器人或四个行Triaflex系统的装载单位。

首先,从生产无序巧克力到达和每个三角洲机器人的皮带上是负责从产品的某些行从采摘。 酒吧拾起和放置到托盘上的传送带输送产品二次包装的下一站。 温和的处理,保证了一个极其脆弱的产品的完整性。

一个单一的Triaflex三角洲机器人实现速度高达每分钟120周期。 通过使用“多采撷”手爪系统的几个产品的同时采摘,三角洲机器人可以处理高达每分钟300个产品。 这个新的多机器人平台在市场上的其他系统比较独特的方法是卡马为整个机器采用了单控制器和不再控制每一个单独的控制器个别机器人。 此外,这一解决方案节省空间,足迹驾驶室被削减了40%,50%和控制柜的大小。

这有助于减少进一步的布线成本,并简化了安装。 最后,的卡马Triaflex机器人是一种人工视觉系统的指导,保证各种产品的自动识别,根据其类型。 产品传达给不同的机器人,将在其最后的包或加载到另一个包装机的进料。 这种机器人的设计简单,容易设置和用户友好的操作。

Cama Group, Italy, packaging automation 卡马Triaflex加载装置已被安装在不同的欧洲客户和最近一个大糖果制造商选择在俄罗斯的卡马四线的三角洲机器人系统,其新的包装生产线。

所有卡马机器可以结合完整的包装生产线,饼干,糖果,谷类,粉,酸奶,即食食品,冰淇淋,个人和家庭护理产品,以及其他主要行业。 凯迈集团是意大利的私营公司,其核心业务是完整的高科技辅助包装系统,机械工程和生产。


今天,卡马集团也算一间附属公司在亚洲:凯迈亚太地区在曼谷的。 带有2个销售办事处,售后服务中心,致力于中国华语服务工程师和东南亚地区之一



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