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New energy savings/sustainability conveyor demonstrations at IPACK-IMA

New energy savings/sustainability conveyor demonstrations at IPACK-IMA, Emerson Industrial Automation, packaging, Asia, US
Emerson Industrial Automation is exhibiting new operating displays that demonstrate the value-added benefits of System Plast new generation NG chain and belts and the Nolu-S wear strips and guides, at IPACK-IMA (28 February – 3 March, fieramilano, Milan, Italy).

Offering visitors the opportunity to visually monitor average energy savings of over 20%, the new energy display features two conveyors operating side by side: one is equipped with industry standard acetal and UHMW Components, which the other uses NG chain with Nolu-S wear strips and guides.

“Our engineers are continually working with customers to help them match our products with their needs,” said Matt Stoneburner, Global Industry Manager of Emerson Industrial Automation. “Today we are focused on reducing energy and water consumption. This helps customers meet operational and environmental sustainable goals.”

Across the globe, increased energy costs continue to take the forefront in critical plant management operating issues, as energy costs reductions can have a significant impact on the ability of a company to secure brand success. In addition, lowering water consumption is critical to personal and corporate sustainability in many countries, particularly with problems of fresh water shortages in many developing countries.

In this environment of proper energy and water usage and sustainability concerns, Emerson is working towards providing more efficient products that support greater sustainability.

For example, the lower coefficient of friction provided by the NG and Nolu-S products allow high-speed running beverage plants more opportunities to run dry versus the traditional soap and water lubrication.

Traditional soap and water operations use 4-7 times more water in production than they produce in product. By switching to dry running operations, plants can save money in water, water reclamation and soap expenses while improving worker safety.

Another opportunity to achieve efficient plant operation is the use of the unique Sealmaster bearing product offering, which align features specific to tough operating applications found in critical plant locations. Proper bearing selection can lead to improved uptime.

Emerson has also developed digital software selection programs, which provide resources and anaylsis for proper product selection of conveying Components for maximum energy and water consumption reduction. These solutions are also on exhibit at the company’s booth at IPACK-IMA (Hall 24, Booth C84).





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