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Nichrome presents new packaging technologies for India

Nichrome presents new packaging technologies for India, Nichrome India Limited, packaging, Asia, India
Packaging machinery manufacturer Nichrome India Limited is presenting three new technologies for the Indian packaging industry over the next two months.

According to Nichrome, the new technologies – Multi-lane vertical form fill seal PV 215 machine under licensing agreement with US’s Prodo-Pak Corporation, T 110 horizontal form fill seal high speed machine for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries under technical collaboration with TOTPACK of Spain, and Sprint Plus continuous motion machine – will significantly benefit local customers looking to receive the best Western technology at local equipment manufacturing pricings, supported by Nichrome’s service.

In addition, Nichrome has also designed and produced a new high speed packaging system for snack foods like wafers and chips-like products, Indian snacks, nuts and dry fruits, for packing quantities up to 2000 cc. at the speed of 120 plus packs per minute.

“This technology that is developed in India is at par with the European technology,” said Harish Joshi, managing director, Nichrome India Ltd. “This technology is best suited for the Indian market for the variety of applications at the right pricing,"


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