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Cama and TPM: the Forerunners of Evolution


The Cama Group is a leading supplier of advanced technology secondary packaging systems.

“The 3Ms: Man, Machine and  Method”. Cama used this slogan at Interpack 2011 to present the upgrading of its machines to the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) operation principles.

This was the end result of a project started in the early 90s, aimed at the evolution / upgrading of the CAMA offer. The company used its experience in the field of robotics to successfully convert its whole range into electronic solutions, switching from standard mechanical packaging machines to standard electronic modules assembled in transparent structures.

This evolution provides specific responses to the goals of the different projects, while at the same time making the machinery more flexible in processing, reducing maintenance, ensuring proper ergonomics and a low level of noise.

MAN: Optimised operator’s activity thanks to user-friendly machinery

Cama-robotica-fullCAMA has developed and improved packaging lines, managed and operated by the line operators both during machine running and format changes. This was the basis for the natural upgrading of the equipment to fit the requirements for entrusting operation to operators, without any assistance from technical service.

For this purpose, CAMA made its experience available, both in relation to designing machinery and for training staff. Appropriate training on Cama equipment directed towards customers’ technical and operative personnel became a key factor in optimizing productivity and maximizing benefits.

That's why “CAMA ACADEMY” now offers its customer an ample range of training sessions with a final  accreditation test for line operators.

The project is completed by including step by step change-over’s videos  in the operators’ control panels. To further facilitate this operation, CAMA can supply machines equipped with fully  automatic size changing (ASC).

The machine change-over can be automatically carried out by means of servo motor adjustments and easy releasing locking devices with no need of tools.

In addition, for complete lines, CAMA developed a wireless portable terminal in order to achieve the highest quality standards of its HMI (Human Machine Interface). The Cama “IFeel” Panel simplifies and localises communication between Man and Machine on the production lines. 

A wireless connection now allows remote control over operations such as changeover procedures, which are supported by embedded videos, preventive maintenance procedures, belt, conveyors and robot axis controls  and operator identification.

The Cama’s market driven development represents a new generation of diagnostic panels, each customized for customers.

MACHINE: lean design, maximum efficiency

Today CAMA machines are appreciated for their reliability and high performance, achieved thanks to a design based on principles complying with superior standards, especially: 

  •  Reduced foot-print, also suitable for high speed lines;
  • 24/7: Cama machines are designed and built for 24-hours operation, 7 days per week, 52 weeks per year; 
  •  Considerable flexibility of equipment. Fully electronic machines driven by independent brushless motors ensuring leaner line operation and less mechanical parts to provide the highest flexibility to fit current and future product and packaging  needs; 
  •  Easy accessibility to all machine parts and no HTRP (Hard to reach places) to facilitate cleaning operations and maintenance; 
  •  Ergonomic, hygienic and safety approved design (all Cama equipment conforms to Category 3 according to the latest safety standards); 
  •  Transparency of structures for easy problems identification; 
  •  Noise reduction to ensure comfortable workplace conditions; 
  •  Selection of commercial, well-known and reliable Components, sold worldwide.

Transparent METHOD for optimum safety

CAMA supplies a preventive maintenance program integrated into the operator’s control panel with procedures and check lists, based on videos, check and identification of wearing parts and interactive maintenance planning.  To complete these documents, a total risk analysis makes it possible to prevent even staff behaviour that may entail hazards.

Each machine is certified by an external agency including the definition of risk levels for each component and for the machine as a whole. The safety certificate can be viewed online using an access code supplied to the customer when the material is delivered.


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