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Tray sealing applications without modified atmosphere

Tray sealing applications without modified atmosphere, Multivac, packaging, Asia, Germany
A new packaging technology concept for automatic traysealers provides efficient sealing of trays for simple applications without modified atmosphere.

With the Smart Sealing concept Multivac presents a new traysealer concept for simple sealing applications without modified atmosphere. Typical applications are fruit and vegetable packs as well as the packaging of ready meals.

Thanks to optimised machine sequences and new die technology, it is not possible to improve still further the process speed and the utilisation per cycle, and thereby to significantly increase the machine output. The costs of running the machine and the use of resources are reduced considerably by the new machine concept.

"With the Smart Sealing technology we are able to meet the demands of those customers of ours, who require just a simple seal without additional modified atmosphere for the tray packing of their products", explains Bernd Jokele, who is responsible for the Traysealer product division at Multivac. Smart Sealing is being offered initially for the single lane T 700 traysealer.Tray sealing applications without modified atmosphere, Multivac, packaging, Asia, Germany

The whole machine concept has been tailored to the Smart Sealing technology. This involves the process sequences: since the modified atmosphere process sequence is not required, this does not limit the reduction in cycle times which could be achieved. In addition, the utilisation of the die length is optimised and the number of trays per cycle increased. Both of these contribute to an increase in the machine output.

On top of this, Multivac has developed an innovative die technology with a simple construction, which is more cost-effective and resource-saving. Sealing of the trays is done via the energy-efficient electric die lifting unit. Compressed air is no longer required for the sealing process. Similarly there is no cooling water required any longer for the cooling of the sealing die, since the heat is discharged in a controlled manner. The trays are fed in with the help of a chain infeed.

Optimum price-performance ratio
Thanks to the optimised machine processes and the new, more cost-effective die technology, Multivac 's Smart Sealing concept has a particularly high performance. "Depending on the infeed mode, it is possible with a T 700 with Smart Sealing technology to achieve more than 20 cycles per minute. This corresponds in the case of a 5-up die to a machine output of more than 100 packs per minute. In practice we have already produced 120 packs per minute", says Jokele. The machine performance with the Smart Sealing concept is therefore twice as high as that of the standard T 700.

The machine offers users a very good price-performance ratio. Since there is no vacuum pump or gas flushing equipment with the Smart Sealing concept, the basic machine concept is lower priced.

In addition, the innovative Smart Sealing dies are at a lower cost than the conventional sealing dies which are used to produce MAP packs. "For this reason the T 700 with Smart Sealing technology is very attractive in price. We are very well positioned in the market with this machine concept and we are setting a real benchmark", explains Jokele.

The T 700 with Smart Sealing technology includes all the quality functions for users, such as hygiene design, simple and intuitive operation and Multivac's high standards of safety and quality. Thanks to the use of modern control technology, maximum productivity is achieved, as well as maximum reliability in the packaging process. Since Smart Sealing dies can also be used in standard T 700 models, customers can maintain great flexibility with the use of this innovative sealing technology.


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